How This Video Editor Can Make You A Better Video Creator

Why You Should Consider Using This Video Maker For Your Marketing Videos

If you are a video maker, using this video editor can make you a better video creator.

Creating videos is essential if you want to reach more people and leverage the various social platforms.

The number of businesses and influencers using videos to expand their reach is continuing to increase.

Video content is necessary if you’re a video a creator according to Wyzowl video marketing statistics for 2019.

It states that up to 87% of businesses in 2019 are using videos as a marketing tool. You cannot ignore the video trends and statistics if you want to make a bigger impact and have more influence.

Common Problems Video Creators Face

If you don’t have the confidence or the skills, creating videos can be daunting.

Common problems those who aren’t competent video makers face include:

  • Deciding which video program or app to use because there are many options to choose from.
  • High one-off cost or monthly fees to use a video editor.
  • Having to invest a lot of time to learn how to use the program chosen.
  • Not getting enough support to develop competence especially when starting out.
  • Producing videos that do not grab attention or aren’t appealing.

These can lead to frustration, which can result in not creating the quantity or quality of videos you want.

There is a simple solution to these problems.

video editor

5 Ways This Video Editor Can Make You a Better Video Creator

After trying out several video apps, one I have found easy to use is InVideo.

Their tagline is “World’s most versatile video creator for quick & professional videos.”

There are many features that make InVideo a powerful video maker, which includes:

  • Access to a library of over one million images and videos.
  • Intuitive user interface with basic and advanced editing options.
  • Ready-to-use templates.
  • Ability to create multilingual videos.
  • Pre-made video components such as text boxes, stickers, icons, shapes and more.

Here are five ways InVideo can help you as a video maker, specifically if you want to create videos to share on different online platforms.

1. Create Content Videos

video editor

invideo online video editor for content and marketing videos

There are many templates that will help you become a better storyteller.

These are useful for making blog posts or articles more visual or converting any text-based content into videos.

2. Create Promo Videos

video editor

invideo online video editor for content and marketing videos

These are excellent for showcasing products, services, special promotions or events.

3. Create Instagram Stories

video editor

invideo online video editor for content and marketing videos

Instagram is a growing platform to build brand awareness and InVideo makes it easy to create eye-catching Stories videos.

4. Create Video Ads

video editor

invideo online video editor for content and marketing videos

These are helpful for creating advertising videos for the different social platforms.

If you’re a video ads maker, choose a suitable template and add in your brand assets to create attractive and engaging ads.

5. Create Listicles

video editor

invideo online video editor for content and marketing videos

These are relevant for “How to” and “Step-by-step” videos.

If you want to create more content videos, these templates are ideal for you.

Who Can Benefit From Choosing InVideo as Their Video Editor

InVideo is applicable for:

  • Businesses that want to improve their video content strategy.
  • Anyone who wants to build a personal brand using videos.
  • Businesses that want to create professional-looking promo videos or ads.
  • Anyone who wants to promote their products or showcase their services or brand.
  • Any business or person who wants to leverage the power of videos to expand their reach and impact more people.

Example of a Video I Created Using This Video Editor

Here is a video I created in InVideo using a recent blog post. The video is less than 60 seconds, which means I can share it on Instagram and other social platforms.

The Pros and Cons of Using InVideo


  • Short learning curve because of the support articles and how-to videos.
  • Ready-to-use templates which reduces the time needed to create videos.
  • Huge library of free and premium media assets.
  • Option to add your own videos, audios or images.
  • Easily duplicate videos from one size to another. They offer landscape, square and vertical video formats.
  • Highly responsive customer service team, available around the clock.
  • Continuous improvements made to the editor.
  • Ambitious and exciting roadmap, which you can view here.


  • Works on Chrome desktop only for now.
  • No mobile or desktop apps, which means you have to connect to the internet to use it. (Mobile and desktop apps are on their roadmap.)
  • Rendering of videos can take time, which is something the team is working on so that the process is faster.
  • No option to create folders or add tags to better organise videos. This can become an issue as the number of videos you create increases. This is something the team is aware of and is working on to find a suitable solution.

The Final Word

I wish I had created videos a lot earlier than I did. Having access to a video editor like InVideo makes it a lot easier to produce high-quality videos much faster.

You can try out InVideo by creating a free account today. Visit InVideo to get started today.

Question: How do you think using a video editor like InVideo will improve your video content and marketing strategy?