How to Avoid Letting Your Reality Determine Your Future

5 Things You Can Do to Create What You Want Despite Your Present Situation

The ability to avoid letting your reality determine your future is a powerful skill to develop.

We’re conditioned to let our reality determine much of what we can or can’t do. We’re programmed to think in reverse. Changing this thinking will require focus and practice.

The reality we’re experiencing now is the outcome of our past thinking. To experience a new reality or future, we have to change what we’re thinking now.

What Does Letting Your Reality Determine Your Future Mean?

A simple example is when making a large purchase. What we usually do, and this happens very quickly in our minds, is to assess how much money we have now.

Based on how much money we have, our reality, we will decide if to go ahead with the purchase. Even if it is something we really want, if we believe our reality does not allow us to, chances are we won’t buy it.

This is an example of letting our past dictate our future. What we think is possible for us often comes down to our paradigms. If we know how to recognise and change our paradigms, we can create the future we want.

To avoid letting your reality determine your future, learn not to let the appearance of things influence your thinking.

letting your reality determine your future

There have been many occasions where I have let my reality determine what was possible in the future. It’s something I still work on and have to overcome regularly.

I remembered needing to repair an issue with my car. It would cost a substantial amount, however it was not something that was critical to the safety or performance of the car.

I did not want to spend the money to get the repairs done because of other expenses I had. I put off getting the car repaired for about two years because I told myself I would so it when my finances improved.

I allowed my reality to determine the actions I took, which was not a good thing.

5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Letting Your Reality Determine Your Future

Here are five things you can do to avoid letting your reality determine your future so you can create what you want.

  1. Be honest and assess your reality. We have to know our starting point. This isn’t about defining our reality as bad or judging ourselves. It’s about assessing what our reality is and what created that reality. One of the best ways to do this is by asking ourselves powerful questions.
  2. Take responsibility for your part in creating your reality. This will help us understand whether we’re blaming external things for our reality or whether we’re taking responsibility. The more responsibility we take, the higher the chances we’ll change our reality if it’s not what we want.
  3. Clarify the reality you want to create. One of my mentors often asks, “What do you really want?” If we don’t know what we want, we have no chance of creating the reality we want. Having a picture of what our reality looks like when we’re living it, is a vital step.
  4. Identify the competencies you need to create your future. This means having a plan for the skills, knowledge and habits we need to gain to create a better reality. It also means we have to learn to think thoughts that will cause us to take actions required to have a better future.
  5. Find the right support. Trying to change our reality ourselves is difficult because we have to battle our paradigms. Having mentors, coaches and a supportive network of peers or friends will make a big difference.

Final Thoughts

We all want a better future. Our innate nature is to desire more. To create a better future, we have to stop letting our present reality dictate what’s possible.

If we focus on generating thoughts that will lead to an improved future, we will create a magical life. If we don’t, we’ll continue creating the reality we have.

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Question: What are other ways to avoid letting your reality determine your future?