How To Be A Self-Motivated And Energetic Person Every Day

One thing we can all have more of is motivation. Whether it is to get something done or do the best we can each day, the more motivated we are, the better our results and overall life will be.

It is no surprise that the more motivated we are, the more energy we seem to have which enhances our daily experiences. The challenge we have is that our motivation level is not always consistent.

We all have days where our whole day just flows effortlessly — things are easy and we get more done because we’re in a powerful, creative state.

On the flip side, we also have days where we wished we had stayed in bed — things are heavy and effortful and we struggle to complete things that we’d normally get done quite easily.

Have you ever wondered why that is the case?

ways to be more motivated

The easy response would be to say we cannot be expected to be at our best every day. We have our good days and our bad days, and we just have to accept that. Or it could also be easy to say sometimes things happen in our lives that affects us which could result in us not feeling our best.

While those responses may be valid, wouldn’t it be better is we could manufacture motivation every day? Just imagine what that could do for us. We will:

  • Be more consistent each day in what we do.
  • Experience better or more pleasant emotions.
  • Have better interactions with those around us.
  • Get a lot more done faster, which can also result in us having more free time.
  • Be more attractive and engaging to our family, friends or colleagues.

Motivation is something we have to generate every day if we want to sustain high levels of productivity and performance over the long run. This will result in us having consistently high levels of energy as well.

Here are seven things that will boost your motivation levels each day. Although these things will require some initial effort, if you’re able to make them daily habits, it will become much easy to do them each day.

  1. Get plenty of sleep every night. Most adults do not get enough sleep as they should. Lack of quality sleep results in poor concentration levels which leads to poor performance and low outputs. Studies have shown that those who get on eight hours of sleep consistently each night will better maintain their alertness, motivation and energy levels throughout the day.
  2. Have a mission or vision that moves you forward. Knowing the purpose behind why we are doing what we do is the ultimate motivation. Our why could be our life mission or purpose, or it could be the person we desire to be. Visualising our ideal future and also our perfect day is one of the best ways to stay connected daily to our why. In my TEDx talk, I spoke about the importance of having a powerful why in life, which you can watch here.
  3. Allow energy to flow easily through you. An interesting idea is we really cannot “get” more energy, instead we can become a better channel for energy to flow freely through us. Ways to do this include having a regular meditation practice, consistent physical and mental exercises, having healthy meals, and whenever possible, having a daily nap to get refreshed and reenergised.
  4. Set daily goals or tasks. In order to move closer to our overall mission or vision, we must have projects or goals to achieve. Our goals must be aligned to the big picture of our life because these are the daily steps we can take to get us closer to where we want to do.
  5. Hold yourself accountable. Setting high standards for ourselves is a powerful motivator. Ways to do this include monitoring our progress via daily and weekly reviews or having an accountability partner who is willing to push and challenge us to go beyond what’s comfortable for us. Being accountable to someone else is one of the best ways to stay motivated.
  6. Brighten someone else’s day. At our core, we all want to help others in some way. When we do, we get a boost of energy because we feel good about it. Ways to do this may include giving someone a compliment every day or helping someone in need either financially or by offering some guidance or moral support to someone going through a tough time.
  7. Have engaging and meaningful conversations. Having conversations that are uplifting and inspiring can boost our spirits especially if those we are speaking to make us feel good about ourselves and our lives. Personally, I enjoy connecting with people who are dedicated to transforming their own lives and also the lives of others. The key thing to remember is we should connect with people who boost our energy levels rather than those who deplete our energy.

How motivated we are says a lot about how we live our lives. If we want to have a better quality life and be more consistent with our productivity and performance, then the ideas mentioned above will certainly help.

If we don’t intentionally generate motivation daily, then we will have good days, average days and poor days, which will not help us over the long term. It’s time to choose to be a self-motivated person. It’s not too late.

Action Step: Conduct an experiment for a week where you give yourself a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night. Compare the difference in your energy level and motivation to days where you have not had eight hours of sleep. You may be surprised by what you will discover.

Question: Which suggestion do you believe will be most beneficial to you and why?

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