How to Be Best Prepared For the Holiday Season

Fri Dec 23, 2016

The end of the year is often a good time to wind down, relax and enjoy the rewards of our efforts with the people that matter most.

It can also be a time that generates additional stress because of the pressure to be prepared for the festive season. The expectation to get or give gifts can put a lot of pressure on people financially and emotionally. Expenses made during December usually have to be paid out in full or in part the following month.

Interestingly, people are more likely to have a physical or emotional breakdown during the holiday season than any other time during the year. If we’re not careful, the holiday season can put unnecessary pressure on personal and professional relationships, and also on our health and well-being.

If we don’t have a system to manage the additional workload, the festive season could become a burden rather than being a fun time in our lives. The better prepared we are, the better experience we’ll have during the festivities.

How to best prepare for the holiday season

Tips to help you get through the holiday season

5 Things That Will Help You Be Best Prepared for the Holiday Season

Here are five things to remember during the holiday season that can make any celebrations we want to have a lot more enjoyable. While we don’t have to do everything suggested, it’s helpful to know there are things we can do to be better prepared.

  1. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. If we don’t look after ourselves, we put ourselves at a higher risk of breaking down because of the elevated levels of stress we experience. Simple things we can do include ensuring we eat well, stay hydrated, get enough sleep every night and take regular breaks during the day.
  2. Know in advance what and how much you want to spend. While most people know how much money they want to spend, it’s not uncommon for them to spend more than originally planned. Having a budget is better than not having one because it’s easy to succumb to the infinite marketing messages we’re exposed to during the holiday season.
  3. Learn from previous years. Our experiences from previous festive seasons should give us a better idea of the things that work well for us and the things that don’t. We should always avoid making mistakes from previous seasons and develop better ways of doing things.
  4. Ask for help. We shouldn’t try to do everything ourselves. Help is always available if we’re willing to ask. Sometimes, we may have to pay for help as there are many services that make things easier such as delivery services, gift wrapping services, and ordering gifts online and having them delivered to our homes.
  5. Remember what the real purpose of the festive season is. We can get so caught up in material things that we do not remember the true purpose of the holiday season, which is to be together with people who matter most to us. I once heard that the best present or gift we can give is being present. Our presence is what really matters to those important to us.

The holiday season should be fun, relaxing and rewarding. If we remember the things above, we’ll get through the end-of-year festivities with a lot more ease and joy.

Action Step: If it’s not too late, evaluate whether you have been doing the things mentioned above as you prepare for the holiday season. Start with taking care of yourself better, then apply the other things as required.

Question: What is another tip that will help us be better prepared for the holiday season?


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