How to Boost Your Morning Motivation

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Set Yourself Up to Win Every Day

A great way to set ourselves up to win every day is by giving more attention to our morning motivation.

The way we start off our mornings is an indication of our attitude towards life.

What Can Morning Motivation Do?

There are many reasons why it’s valuable to focus on our morning motivation. These include:

  • It will get us enthused or excited about our day.
  • It will put us in a healthy frame of mind.
  • It will help us focus on our overall well-being.
  • It can help lock in new habits or behaviours we want to develop.
  • It will give us clarity on how we want to feel and what we want to accomplish that day.
  • It will help us stay more focused and be more productive.
  • It will help accelerate our progress and reach our goals quicker.

By dedicating time to boost our morning motivation, it will show up as better results and a better quality life.

morning motivation

I give myself an hour every morning to get into the right frame of mind. The practices I’ve adopted over the years include meditation, releasing techniques, affirmations and visualization, to name a few. These help me have greater clarity and motivation to do what I’d like to get done daily.

5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Morning Motivation

In order to boost our morning motivation, we have to be willing to invest time. This means we have to give ourselves enough time to do the things that will keep us motivated. Here are five simple things that will help us be motivated and set ourselves up to win.

  1. Express gratitude for the life you have. When we are grateful, we’re deliberately conditioning ourselves to focus on what’s positive in our lives. Saying “Thank you” is a simple way to focus on what’s good. We can be grateful for what we already have in life, and also for who we’re becoming or what we want.
  2. Strengthen your mind and body. There is a concept called “Your Hour of Power,” where we can focus on three different areas for 20 minutes each. The first area is doing inner work such as meditation, deep breathing, visualization or releasing.

    The second area involves learning, which can be by reading, listening to something motivating or by watching something inspiring. The third area is focusing on doing something physical like stretches, yoga or some other form of exercise.

  3. Do mirror appreciation. We tend to be our biggest critic, therefore we have to practice being kind to ourselves. A powerful technique is to look at ourselves in the mirror and smile, while maintaining eye contact. This can only be for a minute or two. The aim is to be comfortable appreciating ourselves.

    We can take it a step further by saying out loud why we appreciate ourselves and continue smiling. This can include reminding ourselves of our successes or wins.

  4. Plan your day and set clear intentions. In order to maintain our morning motivation throughout the day, we must know what we want to accomplish. As part of planning our day, we should identify our highest priorities and also preempt any possible distractions or interruptions we may face. The clearer we are on what we want to get done, the more likely we’ll achieve it.
  5. Review your goals. Motivation can often be short-lived. For long-term sustained motivation, we must know where we’re heading. Having a clear vision and goals aligned to our vision, is what will help us stay motivated. Reviewing our goals can help us focus on the right activities daily to stay on track and keep moving forward.


Hoping we’ll wake up motivated every morning is not an intelligent long-term motivation strategy. We have to be willing to do things to generate motivation. As we develop the habit of doing certain things every morning, we will set ourselves up to win each day. The more wins we accumulate, the better our daily experiences will be.

Action Step: Review the way you start your day. Start adding in the practices you believe will help boost your morning motivation. Set the intention of doing something new for at least two weeks. You can then evaluate whether you’d like to continue doing it or not.

Question: What are other things we can do to boost our morning motivation?

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