How To Boost Your Motivation By Applying These Simple Rules Now

What Goal Achievers Know That Will Help You Be More Successful

Our ability to stay motivated consistently and take action determines the types of results we achieve.

While it is easy to set an intention for something we’d like to do, have or experience in life, following through and staying motivated to do what needs to be done can be a lot more challenging.

There are numerous reasons why we lose motivation and some of these include:

  • We are no longer interested in the thing we were initially interested in.
  • We encounter challenges which we don’t know how to overcome.
  • We don’t have the support to overcome challenges we face.
  • We allow ourselves to get distracted by other things.
  • We take on too many things which prevents us from focusing on what really matters.

The reality is that if we want something new or better in our lives, we will be challenged to do things we have never done before, and overcome hurdles or roadblocks along the way.


I once was involved in a collaborative project that lasted three years. Many times during those three years, I felt the project was not moving forward and had to be abandoned. It was extremely challenging to stay motivated especially because it was not a solo project and the progress of the project were dependent on others committing to agreed deadlines.

What kept me motivated was knowing that there would be long-term benefits once the project was completed and launched. Thankfully everyone else involved in the project stayed committed to making the project the best it could be, and we also received unexpected benefits as we got closer to completion.

We often don’t know what could happen if we aren’t willing to stay motivated long enough in the pursuit of our goals. Here are five rules that will ensure we consistently stay motivated to do the things we know we should do to achieve what we want in life.

  1. Set goals that are aligned to your bigger visions or purpose in life. We often are attracted to things in the spur of the moment or we succumb to the shiny new object syndrome. After a short period of time, if those things aren’t aligned to a greater mission or purpose, we will quickly lose interest and motivation.
  2. Do things only that inspire you. We tend to lose motivation when we have to do something rather than when we truly want to do something. Motivation is often an external stimulus. What we really want has to be motivating internally which is where inspiration comes from. The more we are inspired by what we are doing, the more likely we will continue doing it.
  3. Be willing to challenge yourself but do not overwhelm yourself. There is a fine line between setting ourselves a goal that will challenge us and setting a goal that will bring up so much fear and overwhelm that we do not even take action. Goals must challenge us but they also have to be within a range of difficulty. If we feel a goal is too difficult, we will find ourselves making up reasons as to why we cannot achieve it.
  4. Set smaller milestones along the way. Progress is very motivating. When we take one action that moves us one step closer to our goal, not only will we know what the next action is, we will also want to keep going. Small action steps often generates momentum, which will keep us motivated for longer periods of time.
  5. Find a new way if something is not working. Chances are not everything we do will work out exactly the way we expect them to. This is why constantly reviewing how we are tracking is very important to staying motivated over the long run. If one thing we have done has not worked out well, we must be willing to do something different to get a new result.

The better we can keep ourselves motivated to take action to achieve our goals, the greater the chances of us achieving our goals. If we find ourselves lacking in motivation and aren’t willing to do anything to address it, we will slow down our progress, feel frustrated and can eventually give up on what is important to us.

Action Step: Choose one of the motivation rules from the list above and integrate that into your daily practice. Set an intention to only do things that are aligned to the bigger picture of your life.

Question: What is another valuable rule that will boost our motivation?

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