How To Design Your Environments For Outstanding Results Now (Environment Series Part 2)

In my previous post, I outlined how and why our environments can severely affect our attitude.

Now it’s time to apply some specific strategies and actions to design our environments the way we want so that we can start creating the results we really want.

While our environments have a significant influence on our attitude, we still have the power to design them the way we want. Remember, our environments will either inspire us or demotivate us.

There are three things we can do to transform our environments. They are:

  1. Adding something. Examples may include adding new resources, tools or even a new belief.
  2. Deleting something. Examples may include deleting clutter, noise, a toxic person or even letting go of a limiting belief.
  3. Modifying something. Examples may include setting up clear boundaries with people we interact with, changing something in our work area, changing what we eat or how we dress.

how to set up our environments

For each of the environments listed below, the overarching question we should ask ourselves is, “What could I add, delete or modify in this environment that would contribute to greater success or enhance the quality of my life?”

There are some additional questions for reflection listed under each environment that are also worth considering.


  • What is the purpose of the things in my physical environment?
  • Do things in my physical environment inspire me or demotivate me?
  • Do they add energy to me or do they drain energy?
  • Have I designed my physical environment to help me stay focused or does it keep me in chaos and confusion?


  • What impact am I having on my relationships and what impact are they having on me?
  • Do I have conversations that inspire me or do they keep me in status quo or worse, are they taking me in the wrong direction?
  • Am I able to express myself fully and authentically in my relationships?
  • Are the people I associate with adding value to me and am I providing value to them?


  • Does my body wake up every day without an alarm needing to go off?
  • Do I wake up with energy?
  • Do I wake up calm, centred and peaceful?
  • Am I treating my body the best way possible with proper nutrition, diet, exercise and rest?


  • Do I spend enough time outdoors to recharge my body?
  • How does the outdoors affect me on a day-to-day basis?
  • How do things like access to fresh water, air, and sunlight affect me emotionally?
  • How much time am I investing in nature and how does it make me feel?


  • What support, structures and systems do I have in place to help me financially?
  • Do I have a wealth team in place like financial advisers, a bookkeeper, an accountant, insurance adviser, or investment adviser?
  • What beliefs do I have about money or wealth?
  • Am I not meeting my financial goals because of my beliefs or because of resources I don’t have yet?


  • Do I have things in my environments that represents spiritual to me?
  • What would or can be a symbol that represents spiritual to me?
  • How do I currently invest time into the spiritual environment and how does that give me energy back?
  • How can I become more present on a daily basis?


  • Am I inspired when I am doing my work?
  • Is what I believe producing the results I want in my life, and if not, can I change it?
  • Am I clear on my purpose, vision, passions and goals in life?
  • Do I believe what I am doing in life is of value or significance to others and the world?

Usually we’re unaware of the impact our environments are having on us. As our awareness of each of these environments grows, we can choose to consciously design them to support us in creating the life we want. It will be worth the effort.

In Part 3 of the Environment Series posts, I will suggest some changes you can make to your environments so that they support you in creating the results and lifestyle you want.

Action Step: Spend as much time as you need reflecting on each of these environments and start adding, deleting or modifying things as you deem necessary.

Question: What are some things you have done to design your environments they way you want?

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