How to Easily Clear Your Mind When You Are Feeling Stuck

Mon Nov 9, 2015

We often create a lot of internal turmoil whenever we feel we’re stuck.

If we feel we’re not making progress, either with a project, goal or life in general, it can cause frustration and generate high levels of stress.

Being in a state of stress is not a pleasant experience because it can severely affect our attitude and our motivation levels.

There is one good thing when we experience such turmoil — it’s usually a mental problem, which means we have the power to change our thoughts so we can create a different experience.

One goal I had this year was to reduce my body weight by 15% by the end of the year, which was a challenging goal. I started off well and in the first three months, my weight reduced by 4.8%, which I was happy about.

During the next six months, however, my weight reduced by 5%, even though I was doing similar things I had done in the previous three months.

ways to get unstuck in life

how to get unstuck in life


This caused quite a lot of frustration because based on the results of my first three months, I thought I would have been closer to a 10% reduction instead of 5%. I felt stuck and at times, even questioned whether the reward was worth the effort.

What kept me going was relating my current results to where I had started from. I had achieved a 11.2% weight reduction in nine months, which was the most I had ever done.

All it took was for me to change how I was looking at my situation. I made a mental switch, which allowed me to clear my mind of unproductive thoughts and stay focused on my ultimate goal — which is a 15% reduction in weight.

When we feel stuck, the starting point is always our thoughts towards our situation. When we change our thoughts, our experiences also change. Sometimes, we can also take certain actions which will help the process of clearing our minds because our focus will be on something different.

10 Things You Can Do to Clear Your Mind When You Are Feeling Stuck

Here are ten things we can do whenever we’re feeling stuck which will allow us to refresh, reset and refocus on what we want.

  1. Put yourself in a different environment. This may include going outside for a walk or to get fresh air, or just removing yourself from an environment that’s not supporting you.
  2. Do something else for a short period. Sometimes the best thing we can do is step away from the situation which is causing us to feel stuck and work on something else. The best part about this is that even though we’re doing something else, our mind will still be working on our original situation. More often than not, we’ll be presented with a better solution than if we tried to force ourselves to come up with a solution.
  3. Give yourself a mini reward. We all have an inner child that likes to get rewarded from time to time. And when our inner child is rewarded, it will be on its best behaviour so it can get its next reward. That’s when we’re more likely to let go of our feelings of being stuck and generate more empowering thoughts.
  4. Focus on any small progress you can make now. Nothing overcomes inertia more powerfully than action. Any small progress is better than no progress. A small progress can be calling someone and asking for advice, or stopping something that isn’t working.
  5. Get inspired again. Inspiration can come from numerous sources. For some of us, it can be meditation or prayer. For others, it can be listening to music, doing some form of physical activity, connecting with like-minded people or going through a list of successes in life.
  6. Revisit the outcomes you desire. It’s easy to get sidetracked and caught up in day-to-day activities and lose sight of the overall objective. Usually when we reconnect with what we’re trying to achieve and why it’s important to us, the next action we can take will be presented to us.
  7. Listen to your intuition. There will be times when we’ll just have to accept what we’re doing isn’t working and will not work out. Having the courage to follow our intuition is important because our intuition is never wrong. Knowing how to access and act on our intuition is a valuable skill to have.
  8. Change your perspective and be grateful for your challenges. If we ask the question, “What is good about my situation right now?,” it will automatically cause us to look at what we’re going through differently. One of the fastest ways to change any situation is to ask better empowering questions.
  9. Mix up your routine. We can get caught in a rut if we’re doing the same mundane things all the time. As the saying goes, “A change is just as good as a holiday,” rings true when we’re feeling stuck. Changing our routine may include doing repetitive tasks in a different order or working different hours.
  10. Practice patience. Whenever we expect to be further along than we are, it can cause us frustration and generate thoughts that we’re not making progress. That is one reason why we feel stuck. In such situations, allowing ourselves to be patient will reduce any unnecessary stress we generate. Sometimes we have to trust that the universe has our best intentions and things are happening exactly as they should.

As we continue to grow and develop ourselves, we’ll realise that we’re responsible for the situations we find ourselves in, which also means we have the ability to change them.

All it requires is a change in attitude and we’ll see our situation differently. If we don’t take responsibility, chances are we’ll continue to feel stuck a lot longer and not make progress towards our goals and dreams.

Action Step: Choose one thing from the list above and apply it today if you feel you’re stuck and not making the progress you want.

Question: What is another thing we can do to clear our mind when we are feeling stuck?


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