How To Fall In Love With Your Life Again

12 Ideas That Will Make You Excited About Living Life With Greater Joy and Passion

It’s not uncommon for our daily experiences in life to cause us to feel deflated, run down, or simply mentally or emotionally exhausted.

We all have days where we’d rather just stay in bed and not worry about doing the things we have to do on a day-to-day basis.

While it’s perfectly normal to go through such phases, it can become self-destructive if we aren’t proactive and address them quickly. If allowed to go on, such periods can:

  • Affect our attitude or mindset about life.
  • Cause us to become pessimistic instead of optimistic.
  • Reduce our motivation to get things done.
  • Cause us to feel unhappy or even depressed.
  • Make us believe life will always be this way and not have any to look forward to.

How to create a better life

When I finished my university degree, it took me a few months before I found a job where I could utilise what I had learnt at university. The challenge I had was I had very little work experience in my field of study, which was engineering, apart from completing a compulsory three-month work placement.

During those few months, I found myself getting frustrated and feeling sorry for myself, and even questioned the value of my university qualification. At the time, I felt I had very little to look forward to, even though I was still in my early twenties! Fortunately, I had the opportunity to interact with a number of job placement agencies and professional engineering institutes, who were able to help me stay motivated to continue looking for a suitable role.

When I eventually got a role I was interested in, it was such a relief and suddenly I felt like I had new options in life and lot of things I could look forward to. I started to get excited about what was possible, which made me appreciate the life I had, even with all the struggles and challenges.

No matter how difficult things get, there are things we can do to remind ourselves that life is good. One of the best things we can do is to remember the times when we felt good about life and think of what some of the things were that made us feel that way. Here are twelve ideas that will help you fall in love with your life again and live life with greater joy and passion.

  1. Speak to a close family member or friend. Sometimes we just want someone to listen to us, so speaking to someone we trust can do wonders to how we are feeling. Just being able to share what is going on for us with someone we’re close to can turn things around quickly.
  2. Treat yourself to something good. If we don’t think of ourselves as being special, then chances are others won’t as well. We can make ourselves feel special by doing something nice, whether it is buying something new, going on a holiday, or having a good night out with people important to us. Focusing on ourselves will make a difference.
  3. Do something nice for someone else. Most times, our greatest joy in life will come when we are in service and do good for others without expecting anything in return. When we do something unexpectedly nice for someone else, the surprise and joy they experience, will in turn, bring us joy as well.
  4. Dedicate a weekend for your hobbies. In our busy lifestyle, we often neglect to do things we are passionate about or bring us joy. Giving ourselves the gift of a whole weekend to do things we love can refresh and rejuvenate us, which will give us a new lease on life.
  5. Eat a new food that you haven’t had before. Since food is an important part of our daily needs, trying something we have not eaten before, can be an exciting experience. Since we are attracted to new things or experiences, eating something for the first time can give our motivation a tremendous boost.
  6. Watch something funny. Laughter is often the best cure for most of our emotional lows. Watching a funny film, show or a play will cause us to laugh more and produce more positive emotions, which will result in a positive attitude.
  7. Learn something you have been interested in. Being able to cultivate challenges often sparks our creativity and our ability to express ourselves in new and better ways. Learning a new skill or acquiring new knowledge will put us in healthy and open frame of mind.
  8. Do that thing you have been putting off that you know you should do. From time to time, we avoid doing things we know will be beneficial to us and help us move forward quicker in life. Often, there is one big thing we know we need to address and when we do, it will have a dramatic impact in our lives. It’s time to get that done!
  9. Give yourself the gift of silence. Getting away from all the noise, chaos and the busyness of life can often lead to clarity of thought, which will make it easier to decide what’s next for us. This is why the habit of going within through practices like meditation or prayer, brings about major benefits to how we think, feel and act.
  10. Reconnect with someone from your past that had a positive impact on your life. We’ve all had people come into our lives then drop out for whatever reasons. Some people are better not being a part of our lives, whereas others may have influenced us in positive ways. Those are the people we want to reconnect with and stay in touch.
  11. Practice smiling more often. Smiling has a contagious effect on others around us. The more we smile, the better we feel, and the more attractive we become to others, which is a win-win for all. It is hard not to smile back at someone who smiles at us.
  12. Reduce the number of things you have to do. Any feelings of stress and overwhelm is often caused by having too many things on our plate. Once we start reducing what we do and how much we can do, it will cause us to feel better about ourselves and our lives again, which is what we always want to experience.

The quality of life we have comes down to our day-to-day choices and the major decisions we make in life. In order to fall in love with our life again, we must be intentional and do things that will give us the results we want. If we don’t, we’ll be affected by external events and circumstances, and will constantly be reacting to things in life.

Action Step: Just imagine, if you would apply just one idea per month, how different your life could be. Make a decision to start applying one idea per month, starting this month. Also share what you are doing with others so they can reap the benefits as well.

Question: What could be another thing we can do to fall in love with our lives again?

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