How To Find 10 Hours Every Week To Do What Matters Most

Simple Things You Can Do Daily to Free Up More Time

One of the most common excuses we hear as to why people aren’t doing the things they really want to is because they don’t have enough time.

Comments such as, “I’ll get to it when I have more time” or “I wish I had more time” or “I just don’t have enough time” confirm the fact that most of us now are so time poor.

The reality is we all have the same amount of time every day and every week — 24 hours per day and 168 hours per week. We cannot get more time, which means that in order to free up time to do what matters most to us, we must become more efficient and effective in how we do things.

When it comes to doing what matters most to us, it may include:

  • Taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually.
  • Spending more time with our families.
  • Learning something new.
  • Planning for the future.
  • Taking more time off.
  • Doing things that bring us joy.

The challenge we face is finding the time to do these things, but the good news is there are things we can do daily to free up time.

Ways to free up time weekly

The truth is if something is really important to us, we will find the time for it. Think about some of the things you may have done in recent times even though you had a full agenda.

It may have been:

  • Attending your child’s sporting event.
  • Going on a holiday.
  • Watching your favourite TV show.
  • Going for a walk or doing some form of exercise.

There are so many other things we do each day because we give them a higher priority over other things.

How to Find a Minimum of Ten Hours Every Week

Here are seven things we can do to free up time that will enable us to gain a minimum of ten hours each week to do things that are important to us.

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier every day.
    Time saved per week (hours): 3.5
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 3.5
  2. Eliminate one hour of television per day.
    Time saved per week (hours): 7
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 10.5
  3. Reduce 30 minutes per day surfing the internet or using mobile devices.
    Time saved per week (hours): 3.5
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 14
  4. Plan your meals in advance (batch cook meals where possible).
    Time saved per week (hours): 3
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 17
  5. Eliminate unnecessary meetings or social appointments.
    Time saved per week (hours): 2
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 19
  6. Reduce time spent doing errands or housework.
    Time saved per week (hours): 2
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 21
  7. Respond to emails or phone calls during certain times each day.
    Time saved per week (hours): 1
    Total cumulative saving (hours): 22

Even if we only manage to do half of the things suggested above, we’ll still gain over ten hours per week.

By choosing to do a few simple things each day, as per the examples above, it’ll have a compounding effect every week, which will lead to us gaining valuable time to do what matters most to us. The example above yielded a saving of 22 hours per week.

We all can find time every week if we’re committed to the things we consider important. All we have to do is evaluate what we’re doing daily, then start implementing these improvements.

Action Step: For the next week, keep track of everything you do during the week so you’ll have a better idea of how you’re spending your time. Look for opportunities for improvement by applying some of the ideas suggested above.

Question: What is another thing we can do or improve in order to free up additional time each week?

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