How To Gain More Confidence By Doing Silly Things

Why You Should Allow Yourself to Lighten Up and Have More Fun

The thought of doing silly things as an adult, especially in a professional setting, is not something most people would dare to do.

As we grow older, the aliveness and vibrancy we had as kids is often replaced by our desire to be liked, accepted and respected by those we interact with regularly. Saying the right things and behaving professionally becomes our focus most of the time.

If we happen to do something that is outside our normal behaviour, it can often cause others to question if everything is okay with us.

There is an inner child in all of us that likes to have fun. The more we subdue our inner child, the harder it becomes for us to relax and be our true selves.

The good thing about being silly, while being aware and respectful of the situation or context we’re in, is that it will:

  • Make us feel more courageous.
  • Boost our self-confidence.
  • Make us more likeable and attractive.
  • Help us experience more joy in our daily interactions.
  • Cause us to feel good about ourselves and our life.

As lack of confidence often prevents people from going after what they really want, we can start boosting our confidence by doing silly things and having fun in the process.

The importance of confidence and fun

I remember I was once asked to give a presentation to members of the Human Resources (HR) department of a company I had done some contracting work for. Those who work in HR are usually very formal and buttoned-up because they need to set the behavioural standards of a company.

As I like to have fun and do silly things, I decided to make my presentation slides memorable. On the cover slide, I added a cartoon of a person leading a training session for some would-be terrorists and suicide bombers. The person was wearing a suicide vest, with a finger on the detonator and the caption said, “Pay close attention because I’m only going to show you once.”

The interesting thing was most of the audience did not notice the slide, but a few members of my team did. After the presentation, a couple of them shook their head in disbelief and made comments to the effect of, “I can’t believe you had that slide.”

I just laughed and said we had to stop being so serious and professional all the time. Obviously, we have certain responsibilities and expectations on how we must behave while at a work or in a professional environment, but that should not prevent us from having fun.

5 Ways to Build Confidence by Doing Silly Things

  1. Be willing to make fun of yourself. Some of the most successful people in the world have experienced big failures. One thing those who achieve high levels of success have in common is that they are willing to talk about their failures openly and make fun of themselves, while sharing what they learned from their failures. Some form of self-deprecating humour is acceptable, without it becoming self-criticism.
  2. Be more attentive to everyday events. Jerry Seinfeld built his career and made a fortune with his trademark humour, wit and sharp observations about day-to-day life. We can certainly model Jerry. We can always take pictures of things we observe and share them with others, while creating an interesting story around them.
  3. Tell jokes in a creative and animated manner. Most people’s jokes are ordinary at best, so if we can learn to become more creative when telling jokes, it will require us to do things we may not normally do. Being more animated and showing our creativity with how we use our words can certainly boost our confidence.
  4. Embrace your quirkiness. We’re all weird or strange in our own ways. Rather than hide what makes us different or weird, being willing to share our true personality with others can be a powerful way to get accepted by others while growing our confidence as well.
  5. Admit your mistakes more often. We all make mistakes and rather than try to hide them from others, if we’re willing to concede that we stuffed up, while doing it in a funny way, it can make us feel better. People are more likely to forgive our mistakes if we take the necessary steps to make things right because we know everyone makes mistakes.

The more we are willing to allow ourselves to do silly things, the more confidence we will develop because what we’re really saying is there are lots of things that we need to improve on and we’re doing the best we can. Not only will we be more forgiving of ourselves, we’ll also have more fun and learn faster.

Action Step: Next time you make a mistake, share that mistake with someone else while making fun of yourself. Chances are you probably won’t make that mistake again any time soon.

Question: What could be another silly thing we can do to gain more confidence?

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