How to Get Unstuck and Make Progress Again

5 Things That Will Get You Back in Action and Moving Forward

Knowing how to get unstuck and move forward is valuable to know because our daily pressures often slows us down.

Feeling stuck can be painful but staying there for a prolonged period is even more painful.

What Does it Mean to Be Stuck?

When we’re in a state of feeling stuck, it can cause:

  • Mental turmoil and emotional stress.
  • Reduced levels of motivation.
  • Lack of clarity and confusion.
  • Slow progress towards what we want to accomplish.
  • Low levels of positive expectancy or happiness.

Commons Reasons People Get Stuck

There are many reasons why we feel stuck and some of these include:

  • Having too many things to do with no clear criteria for prioritising them.
  • Lacking self-confidence to pursue something.
  • Not believing in ourselves and our ability to achieve what we want.
  • Ignoring problems or pretending we don’t have them.
  • Comparing our progress or success to others.
  • Not having plans resulting in not knowing what actions to take.
  • Believing we don’t have the resources to reach our goals.
  • Being afraid to fail.
  • Criticising ourselves for mistakes we’ve made.
  • Doing the same things hoping to get a different result.

Having ways to get unstuck will help us get back into action and move towards the things we want.

how to get unstuck

How to Get Unstuck By Doing These Simple Things

It’s highly unlikely we’ll feel good about ourselves and our lives if we stay stuck. We feel good about ourselves when we’re making progress. Here are five things that can help us get unstuck and make progress again.

  1. Take a timeout. In certain sports, when adjustments need to be made, one strategy is to call a timeout and make those adjustments. A timeout in life is equivalent to slowing down and doing self-reflection. We have to be honest with ourselves as we evaluate what’s going on. Questions we can ask ourselves include:
    • What is causing me to feel stuck?
    • What story or stories am I telling myself about why I think I’m stuck?
    • How long have I allowed this to go on?
    • How is being stuck serving me? What are the payoffs?
    • What are the costs of being stuck?
  2. Let go of things not working or not important. A lot of times, feeling stuck is a mental challenge. It’s because of things we’re holding onto which affects us negatively. As we evaluate what’s really going on for us, we can use releasing techniques to clear our minds so we can get back into action.
  3. Take better care of yourself. When we’re healthy mentally, emotionally and physically, we have a much better chance of snapping out of feeling stuck quickly. A physical activity as simple as running or walking can quickly change how we’re feeling.
  4. Recommit to what’s important. When we shift our focus to something beyond our current situation, we’ll gain new perspectives. Ways to identify what’s important to us includes asking questions such as:
    • Who needs me to be at my best right now?
    • What is my highest priority?
    • What is my purpose or mission in life?
    • Why is it important I get myself out of this state?
    • If I were to advise someone experiencing what I’m dealing with, what would I say to them?
  5. Take the next obvious action. When we don’t know all the steps we need to take, it can cause procrastination and feelings of being stuck. We don’t have to know everything we need to do. If we focus on the next obvious thing we can do, it will reveal further steps we can take. The more action we take, the quicker we’ll build momentum and feel motivated again.


How we feel daily should be an indicator whether we’re moving in the right direction or not. If something we’ve been doing is not working for us, we have to take a new approach. When we learn how to get unstuck quickly, we’ll be able to get back into action and make progress again.

This will ensure we accomplish the things that matter to us and feel good about our lives.

Action Step: If you feel stuck in any area of your life, take time out to reflect on what has been happening. Ask yourself questions mentioned above to gain new perspectives and have a greater level of clarity.

Question: What are other things we can do to get unstuck and make progress again?