How To Ignite Your Leadership For More Success And Happiness

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I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new book, Ignite Your Leadership – Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum and Accelerate Results.

This has been a project that has taken over three and a half years to complete, that at many times, felt had stalled and needed to be abandoned.

The Backstory

In early 2013, my colleague and friend, Kathy Sparrow, and I were having a Skype conversation and we discussed the possibility of collaborating together on a project. At that time, we did not know what that would entail and remained open to all possibilities.

In August that year, we were both on the assisting team at our mentor, Jack Canfield’s 5-day event, Breakthrough to Success, and further discussed the idea of collaborating. Kathy had received insights that writing a book would be how we’d collaborate. That was the start of the idea.

How to become a better leader

We agreed it would be great to have contributors from different countries in the world. After that event, we had a number of Skype calls as we discussed what the topic of our book would be and how we would proceed.

It became obvious quite quickly that a leadership book would be most beneficial as we agreed that there was a real need for better leaders in the world. Kathy and I then started compiling a list of contributors that we wanted to invite to be part of the project.

Some of selection criteria were:

  • They had to be a graduate of our mentor, Jack Canfield’s year-long Train The Trainer program.
  • They were working in the leadership field in some capacity.
  • They were active on social media.
  • They were from different fields within the category of leadership.
  • They would follow through on their commitments.
  • They would be fun to collaborate with on this project.

The Invitation

Kathy and I made a list of colleagues we wanted to invite to be part of this project and reached out to them. A few agreed straight away, a few wanted some additional time to think about it, and a few declined our invitation.

We originally wanted to have 16 contributors in the book and had managed to enrol that number in the project. An agreement was reached as to what the focus of the book would be and when the deadline was for everyone to submit their chapter.

As with most projects, things don’t always go to plan and this project was no different. The project kept dragging on for numerous reasons including chapters not submitted on time, contributors dropping out of the project for personal reasons, and a failure on Kathy and my part to really drive this project forward.

Our leadership is always tested. When things are not going well, those involved have to take full responsibility, especially the leader(s). Kathy and I had to make some tough calls to remove a couple of contributors who were not adhering to renegotiated deadlines so that we could move this project forward. In the end, we agreed to have 11 contributors that were committed to seeing this project through to completion.

The Reward for Being Persistent

There were many times when we questioned whether we should continue with the project or not, but we remained persistent. Initially, our plan was to self-publish the book and launch in October 2016. A week before our original launch date, a traditional publisher reached out to Kathy and offered to publish our book.

All of our sudden, our plans changed again. As leaders, we have to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. After we all agreed and signed with the publisher, we were challenged to create an online leadership summit to help generate more interest for our book and also add more value on the topic of leadership.

We decided to call it the Ignite the Leader Within Summit because leadership first starts with ourselves. In order to lead others or organizations better, we have to lead ourselves well first. It took us a couple of months to interview different experts from around the world on the topic of leadership and launch the summit, which we did last week.

And here we are! We are now ready to release our book. A powerful leadership lesson is to never give up if we really believe in something. Even now, we don’t really know the impact this book is going to have. One thing we do know however, is that now is the best time for this book to be released, given that there is such a need for better leaders in the world right now.

What is the book about?

In Ignite Your Leadership, you’ll learn how to take your personal leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership to a whole new level. You’ll learn:

  • The power of your story and how that will elevate your leadership abilities.
  • How to lead others more effectively by leading yourself better first.
  • How to develop teams that are energized, engaged and consistently perform at a high level.
  • How to lead from the heart in order to create better results faster.
  • How to create real and lasting organizational change.
  • How passion can inspire leaders to create positive and impactful organizations.

If you have a desire to become a better leader, then this book is for you! In order to incentivize you to get a copy of the book today, I’d like to offer you a free Business Breakthrough Strategy Session, valued at $250. All you have to do is purchase of copy of the book and register on this page for your session.

I’m confident you will become a better, more effective leader once you start applying what you will learn in Ignite Your Leadership.

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