How To Know You Are Successful Even If You Do Not Think You Are

It is quite common for us to feel less successful and not give ourselves credit for the things we have achieved.

The pressure we feel to achieve more can have some serious consequences.

If we are always chasing the next success, it can:

  • Cause us to feel we’re not enough especially if we start comparing our results to others.
  • Erode our confidence and motivation levels.
  • Generate unnecessary pressure to try and do and achieve more.

We must change our mindset around what we deem success to be for us.

ways to be more successful in life

As we are programmed for growth, a part of us will always feel we could be doing more and we could be more successful. The truth is we’re all successful! We’ve all achieved things in life or made a difference in some way.

Here are seven reminders on how to know we’re successful even though at times it may feel like we’re not. By becoming aware of these, it should inspire us to continue doing the things that are important to us.

  1. You have overcome challenges. Let’s face it — we’ve all had challenges in life. It’s the complexity of our challenges that vary. Each time we overcome a challenge that is important to us, we should consider ourselves a success.
  2. You are following your dreams and goals in life. We all have dreams, yet few people have the courage to pursue them. If we are on a journey we feel called to go on, that shows we are confident, committed and doing things that matter to us.
  3. You have learned something new and applied it to your life. With the way the world is changing now, there isn’t a shortage of things we can learn. Technology has made it easier to get new knowledge and skills today. The sad truth is the majority of people do not apply what they learn to their life. If we’re making changes to what we do and how we do them, then we can regard ourselves as successful.
  4. You are grateful for what you have already achieved. In the pursuit of more success, it can be easy to forget to reflect on what we’ve actually accomplished. We are successful when we can appreciate and be grateful for all the things we have in life. Those who have a low level of awareness will seldom slow down to acknowledge the good things they already have in life.
  5. You have made a difference in someone else’s life. One of the greatest things we can do while we’re on earth is to make the world a better place. We can do this in many ways. For example, a parent may want to be the best parent they can be and do all they can to support their child. If we’ve made a difference to someone in some way, then we’re already successful.
  6. You are willing to challenge yourself. One of our drivers in life is progress or challenge. When we’re uncomfortable, it forces us to become more creative and solution-focused. That is when the real growth happens for us. Every challenge is an opportunity to improve in some way. A person who seeks worthwhile challenges is someone who is successful.
  7. You are aware of how you are stopping or limiting yourself. Few people are aware of how they limit themselves. Even though they may not be doing things that matter to them, they may pretend that everything is fine. A successful person knows their fears or limiting beliefs. They do not let those fears or beliefs to stop the from moving toward their dreams and goals.

We tend to be harsher toward ourselves than others if we feel we’re not as successful as we should be. One thing we should always remember is that we can always find evidence of success in our lives. The key is to know what our successes have been.

Action Step: Create a list of at least 100 successes you’ve had in life. Whenever you’re feeling down or lacking inspiration, read your list of successes to give you the boost you need to feel better.

Question: What is another way that can indicate we are successful?

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