How to Leverage Your Network to Achieve New Results

Steps You Can Take to Experience Faster Progress

Knowing how to leverage your network can make a huge difference as you aspire to achieve new results.

It has often been said, “Your net worth is determined by your network.”

Why Should You Learn How to Leverage Your Network?

If you know how to leverage your network, the benefits include:

  • Opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations.
  • Generating new ideas which can lead to new innovations.
  • Faster progress towards what you want.
  • Ability to make a bigger impact or difference in your community.
  • Confidence to aim for bigger goals.

To leverage your network correctly, there are things to know that will help create beneficial outcomes for everyone involved.

how to leverage your network

A few years ago, I collaborated with a few colleagues to write a book titled, Ignite Your Leadership. One book promotion strategy was to create a free online leadership summit. The intention was to offer value upfront and offer our book as the next step.

Creating an online summit involves interviewing many people on a particular topic. If I created a summit on my own, it would have taken me several weeks. By collaborating, we only had to conduct three interviews each, which was easier to get done.

That allowed us to create the summit in about a month and promote it collectively. As a result, we had a successful summit, which helped our book become a #1 international best-selling book.

By leveraging our networks, we achieved our goal, which was to have a #1 best-selling book.

How to Leverage Your Network in Five Easy Steps

There are a few things that will help you leverage your network correctly. Here are five steps you can take to leverage your network to achieve new results.

  1. Identify the key people you want to connect with or stay connected to. Not all connections are the same. Trying to connect with too many people can result in not maintaining those connections well. Instead, it’s beneficial to know who you want to stay connected to and nurture those connections.
  2. Add value to your connections without expecting anything in return. You have to develop a “give” mindset rather than a “get” mindset. Adding value can include offering resources or ideas, introducing people or being a positive influence.
  3. Have clear goals you want to achieve and share them with your network. Other people won’t be able to help you if they don’t know what help you need. Knowing what you want to achieve will make it easier for your network to help you.
  4. Stay visible or front of mind. If you don’t stay connected with your network, it will be easy to lose touch. This may involve attending meetups or other events so you can stay front of mind. Staying visible will also make it easier for you to share your goals with your network.
  5. Ask for help when needed. While asking for help is important, you first have to earn the right to ask. This means you have added value to your network and stayed visible. Only then should you ask for something you need.


Having a supportive network can make a big difference in what you achieve. If you commit to leveraging your network correctly, you will experience faster progress and achieve new results.

If you don’t leverage your network well, you may not accomplish what you want, in the timeframe you want. Therefore, learning how to leverage your network will help you achieve what you want.

Action Step: Identify one person in your network you want to stay connected to. Reach out to them within the next week and ask them about their goals. Add value to them any way you can, without expecting anything in return.

Question: What are other ways to leverage your network to achieve new results?