How to Make Massive Progress By Making Small Changes

5 Simple Ideas That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Life

It’s encouraging to know we can make massive progress by making small changes to what and how we do things.

When we’re not consistently making progress, we don’t have high levels of enthusiasm to live our best lives. A common mistake we make is to make drastic changes, without preparing ourselves as best we can.

For example, people set new year’s resolutions because they want to change or achieve something. They may start off with a lot of excitement. If, however, they don’t have the right habits or a plan, they’re more likely to quit if progress is slow.

Why is Making Progress Important?

We’re all programmed for growth. If we aren’t growing, it means we’re dying. If we aren’t making progress in life, we will:

  • Not experience true joy and happiness.
  • Feel stuck or stagnant.
  • Not express ourselves fully.
  • Not challenge ourselves to dream big or take new risks.
  • Stop believing in ourselves and what’s possible for us.

When we’re making progress, we feel alive and excited about our lives and what’s ahead.

Sometimes, small changes over time, is a smarter approach to take, as it can lead to massive progress. There is a Chinese Proverb which says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We can make massive progress by making small changes and leveraging the power of the compound effect.

progress by making small changes

As a content creator, it’s useful to have content in various modalities, as people have different learning preferences. Over the years, most of my content had been in written form, with a few inspirational quotes.

I knew I had to create video-based content consistently. I initially outsourced the creation of my video content, but it took a long time to build my video library. To have more video content, I had to make it part of my daily content creation plan.

I invested in two video creation tools to make the process easier. I made a commitment to create at least one video daily. This meant I had to give myself an hour every day to create one video.

By making a small change, in just over a year, my content library has increased by over 500 videos. I also learned how to duplicate videos in other orientations, which has tripled the number of videos I have.

That’s the power of making a small change. If we stay consistent, the progress we’ll make will compound over time and lead to amazing results.

5 Ways to Make Massive Progress By Making Small Changes

There are different things we can do to make massive progress in our lives. The ideas suggested here will help us become a better version of ourselves.

Here are five ways you can make massive progress by making small changes, provided you stay committed and consistent.

  1. Do a daily and weekly review. We’ll improve faster if we know how we’re tracking. A regular review will help us identify what’s working and not working for us. If we know something isn’t working, we can make adjustments much faster.
  2. Link something you want to do to something you already do. This is a powerful way to form a new habit. It’s referred to as habit stacking, which means to form another habit using an existing habit. Since we already have a habit in place, it can be the trigger to carry out the new habit. This will make a massive difference over time.
  3. Give yourself “me” time at the start of each day. To be at our best, we have to cultivate practices that will support us. Giving ourselves ten minutes at the start of each day to mentally prepare for our day will make a difference. We’ll be more grounded and calm and ready to start our day.
  4. Take one action every day to move a project forward. No matter how big a project or task is, with consistent action, we’ll get it done. The same idea also applies to achieving a goal. If we keep taking action, we’ll continue to make progress until we eventually achieve the goal.
  5. Learn something new every day. If we continuously feed our minds, it will increase our confidence and our willingness to take new risks. As we continue to learn, we’ll receive ideas on how to improve, which will help us continue to make progress.


We can improve our lives in a big way by doing little things consistently over a long period. Once we experience massive progress by making small changes, it will inspire us to want to make further changes.

If we apply simple practices daily, we’ll experience new and better results consistently.

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Question: How else can we make massive progress by making small changes?