How To Quieten The Negative Voice In Your Head

5 Things You Can Do to Deal With Unhealthy Thoughts

No matter how aware we are or how positive we think we are, we still have negative thoughts that creep into our minds.

These negative thoughts or voices can be helpful at times, provided we’re able to redirect them to something more constructive or meaningful.

The danger of not dealing with these voices in an intelligent way include:

  • Not feeling good about ourselves, which will affect our confidence and self-esteem.
  • Having a poor outlook or view of the future.
  • Feeling mentally and emotional tired or drained.
  • Not being able to focus well on what we’re doing.
  • Not being willing to take new risks in life.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever be able to totally quieten our minds. The question then becomes, “Do we really want to quieten our minds or do we want to redirect our negative voices to something more constructive or meaningful?”

The voices in our heads are thoughts we’re generating. We all have thoughts but we’re not our thoughts; we’re the thinker of our thoughts.

Since we’re the thinker of our thoughts, we always have the choice to think new thoughts.

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Whenever I catch myself generating negative thoughts, I’ll allow myself to pause then question the voice. Most times, negative voices are generated because I’ve allowed myself to take in negative input. As soon as I’m able to change my input, my thoughts or voices will also shift to being more constructive.

There are things we can do to quieten the voice in our heads so we can pay more attention to what we’re doing in the present moment.

5 Ways to Quieten the Negative Voice in Your Head

  1. Acknowledge and accept the voice. There’s no point in resisting our negative voice. A useful thing to do is to give the voice a name. Sometimes the intensity of the voice will be different, so we may have different names for the different voices we tend to have. It’s normal to have negative thoughts or voices in our heads.
  2. Assess the purpose of the voice. Once we’ve acknowledged the voice, we now have to question the purpose of the voice. Even if the voice is critical, there are messages we need to become aware of. Even asking, “What do I need to know right now that can be helpful to me?” is one way to determine the purpose of the voice.
  3. Appreciate what you have now. Sometimes if we focus on what we don’t have, it will trigger those negative voices. As our focus creates our reality, if we continue to focus on what we don’t have, we’ll continue to generate negative thoughts. By appreciating what we currently have, it’ll be a lot easier to shift our focus to what we want to create.
  4. Aspire to a better reality. This is being clear on what we want. One way we can do that is by talking to ourselves the same way we would speak to a friend. We can say, “If I were to start all over again and create what I want, I would…” That will cause us to think of the future in a positive manner.

    It will be more beneficial to speak to someone and say what we want to them. Hearing ourselves say something out loud is a powerful way to gain more clarity and redirect our focus to what we want.

  5. Anticipate your triggers better. As we pay more attention to our negative voices, we’ll start to become more aware of our patterns and habitual way of thinking. We’ll get a sense of how we’re triggered in a negative way.

    Our job then is to develop new triggers that are healthy and supportive. We can do that by creating positive affirmations and by tagging something positive to the end of a negative thought. An example would be, “I acknowledge I messed up today and I know I am still worthy and will do better next time.”

The negative voices in our heads will never be totally eliminated so it’s up to us to learn to use them to our benefit. We don’t have to suffer the consequences of having negative thoughts, instead we can turn them around into something more useful and productive.

Action Step: Pay more attention to your thoughts over the next week and notice whether they are predominantly positive or negative. Use the ideas suggested above to redirect negative thoughts or voices into something more beneficial to you.

Question: What are other things we can do to quieten the negative voices in our heads?

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