How to Review Your Year and Set Yourself Up to Win in the New Year

As we approach the end of the year, it will be beneficial to review your year so that you can set yourself up to win (again) in the New Year.

While there are many different approaches for reviewing your year, the important thing is to pick one and complete your review.

ways to review the year

While it can be easier to remember all the challenges you’ve experienced throughout the year, trying to remember all your small wins can be more challenging. Here is the process I use:

  1. Create a Win List. Start by listing all of the goals you set and achieved this year. Then list any other wins you’ve had – both large and small. Here are some questions to help trigger your memory:
    • Which goals did you achieve?
    • What new habits did you develop?
    • What successes did you achieve in the areas of financial income, investments or debt reduction?
    • What new relationships did you create?
    • What existing relationships did you deepen?
    • What new skills or competencies did you develop?
    • Did you have any positive events or experiences with your family or loved ones?
    • Did you take any trips?
    • What were some of your wins in health and fitness?
    • What were some of your professional successes?
  2. Identify what were some of your patterns or recurring themes. It can be things like:
    • Didn’t spend as much time in nature as you would have liked.
    • Spent long hours at the office instead of being at home with your family.
    • Didn’t exercise as often as you wanted to.
    • Spent more money on entertainment than you should have.
    • Didn’t achieve some of the goals you wanted to.
  3. Based of your recurring themes or patterns, decide what are you willing to let go or recommit to.

    This can help you clarify what goals to set for the New Year and also acknowledge that some of the things that you previously thought was important to you isn’t important any more. Being able to let go of some of the things from the previous year can help reenergise and inspire you to set goals that you really want to achieve.

Reviewing your year is a great way to acknowledge that the current year is over and it’s time to set yourself up to win in the New Year.

Question: What review process do you follow at the end of the year?

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