How To Simplify Your Life The Easy Way

10 Things That Can Make Your Life Much Simpler and Easier

Simplicity is very appealing. In our consistently busy lives, most of us are looking for a simple life so that we can have less things to do.

Have you ever stopped to think when was the last time you were actually bored?

We always have something to keep us distracted, from our mobile devices, television, to our computers, social media and the internet.

Having too many things vying for our attention adds to our mental stress and exhaustion, which in turn, makes us less productive and effective.

The idea of getting away and “doing nothing” is very appealing, yet so few people are intentionally taking steps to do it.

When we simplify our lives, we:

  • Free up time to dedicate to what matters most.
  • Achieve our outcomes faster because we are not being pulled in many directions.
  • Are more present and focused on the task at hand.
  • Feel more relaxed because we are not overwhelmed with what we have on our plates.
  • Tend to be at our best consistently which helps us do our best work.

How to simplify your life the easy way

I remember one particular conversation with a colleague of mine, where I shared that I had started taking time out from my schedule to get away, reflect on my previous quarter and allow myself to get re-energised by doing nothing.

His response, “It sounds like paradise” was a little surprising at first, but as I thought about it more, it highlighted the fact that so many people are stressed, overworked and overwhelmed. The desire to have a simpler life is appealing to most of us.

Here are ten things we can do to simplify our lives so that we can create more free time to keep ourselves at our best consistently.

  1. Reduce your device addiction. Spending less time on our devices will make our lives better because we will have more face-to-face interactions plus we will also give ourselves a break from technology. That will help make us be more active plus we will be putting less strain on our eyes, which can help us get better quality sleep at night.
  2. Fix anything that is not complete. Unfinished projects or commitments can be irritating and take our focus away from what we want to accomplish. When we get things completed that we’ve allowed to drag on, we automatically free up mental energy to give to things that are of a higher priority.
  3. Unsubscribe from email lists. Getting rid of digital trash is just as important as getting rid of physical trash. Emails that do not add value to our lives should be eliminated. The amount of time we save by removing unnecessary emails all adds up over the course of a week or month.
  4. Remove uninspiring commitments. Just because we agreed to do something does not mean we are obliged to continue doing it forever. We have the choice to renegotiate if certain commitments are no longer serving us. The things we commit to should always add value to the lives of others and to our lives as well.
  5. Set less goals. Instead of setting too many goals and giving only small amounts of focus to them, it’s better to set less but more meaningful goals. This will allow us to give better attention to them plus it will also make it easier to take action as we have less commitments to focus on.
  6. Avoid unnecessary conversations. Other people’s energies have an effect on our energy levels. When we allow ourselves to be drawn into conversations that are not healthy or inspiring, we will be less motivated to do the things that we consider to be important. Managing our energy levels has to be one of our top priorities daily.
  7. Release unhealthy thoughts. Similarly, unhealthy or negative thoughts cause us to be less optimistic, which can also cause us to be mentally, emotionally and physically drained. Developing a strong mental attitude will serve in times of struggle and uncertainty.
  8. Eliminate material possessions. We never really own anything — at best, we are temporary custodians of the things we have in life. The less attachment we have to material things, the easier life becomes. This does not mean we should not have high ambitions in life — it simply means being driven to acquire things should not come before who we need to become in order to acquire those things.
  9. Avoid unhealthy foods. What we put into our bodies affect our overall quality of life. If we are not careful about what we eat, it will be easy to feel lethargic, unmotivated and lack the inspiration to challenge ourselves in different ways. The more we educate ourselves on what is best for our bodies, the better we will feel everyday.
  10. Learn how to focus. Today, focus is everything. Our ability to eliminate distraction and just do one thing at a time is now one of the most important skills we can develop. Those who can focus on one thing for longer periods of time will always outperform those who still believe that multitasking is a good way to work. Learn to focus in order to become a high performer.

Simplifying our lives does not necessarily have to involve drastic changes. Small, incremental changes over longer periods of time will lead to more free time, more happiness, and a better overall outlook on life. If we are willing to make some small changes, we will see big results over the long term.

Action Step: Pick one thing from the list above and implement it this week. Share it with someone who can hold you accountable. You will start seeing positive changes to your life quickly.

Question: What can be another simple thing we can do to simplify our lives?

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