How To Start Each Day Like A Winner

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Have Consistently Productive Days

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have great days, every day?

Sometimes, even though we have the best intentions, things happen that cause us to have a bad day. These are the type of situations we want to avoid.

There is something admirable and attractive about people who are focused and just get on with what needs to get done. When they have days that are consistently productive, they feel like winners.

What is a winner?

A winner is someone who:

  • Has absolute clarity on what they want to get done each day.
  • Has set clear goals for their day, week, month and year.
  • Does not let external circumstances distract them what they want to accomplish.
  • Focuses on the long term rewards rather than short term pleasures.
  • Spreads positivity to others.

How to start each day like a winner.

We don’t have to accomplish major things to feel like a winner everyday. All we have to do is focus on getting small wins daily, which will all stack up and result in major accomplishments.

As the saying goes, “Success is the sum of small efforts, done consistently over a long period of time.”

While there are many things we can do each day to feel like a winner, here are five practical, yet simple things, if done consistently, will support us in having productive days.

  1. Establish powerful morning rituals. These can include a number of things like getting up earlier, meditating, visualising our day, getting hydrated, doing something physical and expressing gratitude. As most of the things we do are habitual, having powerful daily rituals can make us feel strong, energised and put us in a good frame of mind.
  2. Set clear objectives for your day. This is about being organised. Those who know what needs to be done will always outperform those who operate without a plan or intention. The trap we must avoid is to try and do too many things because that will only overwhelm us, and make us lose focus and motivation.
  3. Focus on your highest priority in your first hour of work. We must avoid the temptation to get drawn into other people’s agendas or priorities. Knowing what we want to get done first has to be our focus when we actually start doing work. This is why checking emails or getting plugged into social media or surfing the internet must be avoided if we want to have productive days consistently.
  4. Manage your energy throughout the day. Instead of having peaks and troughs throughout our day, we want to maintain a consistent level of energy which will help us be more focused, engaged and productive. Ways to manage our energy levels include staying hydrated, eating high quality foods, taking regular breaks, and practicing deep breathing throughout our day. Listening or watching something uplifting can also help us maintain a consistent level of energy or motivation.
  5. Do something to surprise someone in a positive way. A good deed will always be appreciated. It could be offering to buy someone lunch, sending someone words of encouragement, helping a person who may be struggling with something or simply just having a positive attitude.
  6. Bonus Tip: End your day on a good note. How we end our day will have a major impact on how we start the next day. If we don’t give ourselves enough rest every night, then it will affect our energy levels the next day. One of the best things we can develop is a shut down ritual. This means that we end our day or night by doing certain things that will support us in feeling like a winner the next day.

Winners are always taking action and being intentional about what they want to experience each day. If we apply these ideas on a consistent basis, we will be more effective, productive and achieve more than those who are not intentional about how they start their day.

Action Step: Review your daily rituals or habits and evaluate which ones are serving you and which ones are not. Replace those that are not serving you with more empowering rituals or habits.

Question: What can be another simple thing we can do to start each day like a winner?

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