How to Start Fresh if You Have Lost Your Job

5 Things That Will Guide You to Make the Right Decision

If you know how to start fresh if you have lost your job, it can save you from experiencing stress and mental turmoil.

In these times of change, the chances of losing a job will continue to increase. Most people will experience a job loss during their working life.

It is beneficial to plan ahead and also have ways to deal with it, when it happens.

There are signs usually, if the possibility of losing your job is real. These signs can include:

  • Your employer is going through cost-cutting measures.
  • Other employees are given new roles because of a company restructure.
  • Sales and profit levels decrease.
  • Your employer has been acquired by another company.
  • Your employer is about to relocate.

These signs are often out of your control.

If you have lost your job because you have violated a company policy or because of poor performance, that is within your control. You can use such an experience to make a fresh start.

how to start fresh

My first experience with losing a job was in my early twenties. I was hired as a production planner for a chemical company and had a three-month probationary period. As I did not have a long employment history, I was naïve and ignored signs the company was not doing well.

Just before my three-months were up, my manager invited me to a meeting, where he gave me a letter from the Human Resources department, stating my services were not needed. I remember asking him, “Do I finish up today?”

When he said yes, it was a shock. He tried to lessen the shock by offering to be a referee for future jobs I applied for and mentioned more changes would be happening in the company.

Since then, even though I have experienced other job losses, it is not a pleasant feeling. I have learned lessons over the years that have helped make such experiences less painful.

How to Start Fresh if You Lose Your Job

Here are five things that can help you start fresh if you ever lose your job so you can decide what is the best next step for you.

  1. Accept you don’t have your job anymore. A job loss is temporary. Give yourself time to acknowledge the experience and process what you are going through. You may experience denial, anger, regret, sadness and disappointment. Allow yourself to experience your emotions before you can move on.
  2. View it as a wake-up call. Sometimes things happen in life to nudge us in a different direction. Perhaps the job you had previously was not inspiring you or was not what you were passionate about. You can view your job loss as a wake-up call and an opportunity to focus on your priorities.
  3. Reconnect to what you would love to do. Most people are in jobs they don’t love. They stay in their jobs because they don’t believe they have other options or because it’s the safe option. If you reconnect to your passions, you will feel excited about new possibilities.
  4. Do not settle for something you do not want to do. It’s normal to experience fear when you lose your job. People’s identities are often linked to their job or career. This is not a time to find any job because you are afraid of not having money. You can use fear to help decide what’s best for you.
  5. Focus on positivity to move you forward. You need to maintain a healthy mindset. This can include surrounding yourself with positive people or taking proactive action such as learning new skills. Having the right intent will support you when deciding what to do next.

Final Thoughts

Losing your job does not have to define who you are or who you can be. All your experiences are helping you become the person you need to become to achieve what you want and live the life you want.

If you view a job loss as an experience you can learn from and use it to your advantage, you will increase your chances of starting fresh.

If you let yourself dwell on why it happened or look for someone to blame, you are allowing yourself to be a victim, which will not serve you in finding a new job or starting a new career.

Action Step: If you have a job, assess whether it’s a job you love and see yourself doing for many more years. If you are in a job you don’t love, explore options to find a job that is aligned to who you are and what you would love to do. If you have recently lost your job, use these ideas to make the best decision to start fresh again.

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