How To Train Your Brain To Learn Faster And Gain More Confidence

5 Things That Will Help You Stay Sharp and Mentally Strong

With the amount of information we’re being exposed to daily increasing continuously, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and stop doing what’s necessary.

The age we live in has forced us to cope with change at a faster rate than any other time in human history. We’ve been forced to embrace more change and learn new things, even if we may not want to.

Those who develop the ability to learn faster and apply what they learn more readily, will be the ones who will benefit most from the changes we’re having to deal with right now.

The advantages of training ourselves to learn faster include:

  • Be able to cope with large amounts of information without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Make decisions quicker.
  • Achieve our outcomes easier and faster.
  • Have more self-confidence.
  • Be better informed about changes and how to deal with them.

Most of us are not fully utilising our brain’s capacity so learning how to learn faster will give us a significant advantage over others.

Ways to improve your brain function

5 Things That Will Help You Learn Faster and Gain More Confidence

  1. Develop your memory. This is the biggest bottleneck for most people as our ability to process information is dependent on how much we can retain. Growing up, “rote learning” was often used as a way to retain information, but that technique has major limitations in this information age. Learning how to use our memory better will give us the ability to process information more efficiently.
  2. Acquire the ability to read faster. Developing our memory and reading faster goes hand-in-hand. We consume so much text-based information today from articles on the internet to reading emails or books. While acquiring the ability to read faster may not be very difficult, the real skill is being able to retain relevant information and use it when we need to.
  3. Become better informed about brain health. Our knowledge of how our brain works is increasing every year, with new studies and research being conducted. Our job is to study nutrition, diet and physical activities that support better mental, emotional and physical health, which will help enhance our brain activities.
  4. Do creativity exercises daily. We’re all creative, it’s just we’re not intentional on developing and using our creativity consistently. Our creativity is enhanced through the practice and deliberate use of our imagination. Just like developing a physical muscle, the more we practice being creative, the stronger our mental muscles will be.
  5. Do brain training exercises. This is going beyond creativity exercises. Brain training exercises are based on neuroscience studies that are designed to improve our cognitive skills and our problem-solving abilities. There are many free and paid resources available online that are more focused on brain training. Doing such exercises will greatly help us use our brains better.

Lack of mental stimulation has been known to lead to mental or physical problems for adults later in life such as memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. If we start practicing using our brain’s capability more consistently, we’ll become smarter, make better decisions, gain more confidence and live a better quality life.

Action Step: Research memory courses or training programs and enrol in one so that you can start developing your memory. This is the starting point for learning faster.

Question: What is another way to train our brain to learn faster?

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