How to Use Speed of Implementation For Exceptional Results

Why Applying This Concept Can Make a Difference to Your Confidence and Performance

Our willingness to use speed of implementation to achieve faster results will make a difference to our confidence and performance.

This one concept can determine if we make progress and meet our deadlines. To use speed of implementation doesn’t require special skills or additional resources.

What is Speed of Implementation?

Speed of implementation is how fast we can apply or act on an idea, strategy or tactic. It’s the speed we can put something into practice.

Everyone wants more in life. It can include more success, more happiness, more wealth, more fame, more status, more skills, more inner peace or more knowledge.

Even though we all want more, not everyone will act on ideas that can lead to getting more. Our ability to put into practice speed of implementation can affect whether we get what we want, when we want it.

Benefits of Using Speed of Implementation

Here are a few benefits of making speed of implementation a way we operate.

  • We can validate an idea much faster.
  • We can save time because we’ll find out a lot quicker what’s working or not working.
  • We can save money if an idea isn’t worth pursuing.
  • We can achieve our objectives quicker.
  • We can get more things done.

Our capacity to adopt speed of implementation will determine how fast we get ahead and achieve what we want.

speed of implementation

How to Use Speed of Implementation to Improve Your Performance and Results

Here are things to be mindful of when using speed of implementation as a performance and achievement practice.

  1. Be flexible and ready to pivot. This means we have to adapt to change quicker. Knowing what’s not working is a way to make changes faster.
  2. It’s not about perfection. Speed of implementation doesn’t require things to be perfect. We can perfect things later if we prove an idea first.
  3. There isn’t a right time. Waiting for the best or right time shouldn’t be a reason not to act now. The best time to take action is now.
  4. Taking action is the best way to receive feedback. Results are the best feedback. If actions are not leading to intended results, it’s time to make changes.
  5. More implementation leads to more results. The key is to know the right actions to take. This means making speed a success factor.

Steps You Can Take to Use Speed of Implementation to Achieve Powerful Results

Here are steps you can take to use speed of implementation to achieve the results you want.

  1. Clarify the result you want to achieve, based on what you know now.
  2. Determine the payoffs or rewards and consequences.
  3. Decide why you want to achieve the result.
  4. Make a personal commitment or declaration you will do what’s required to achieve the result.
  5. Identify the first action you can take now and carry it out.
  6. Review your progress and what occurred after taking the action.
  7. Based on your first action, define new actions to take and complete them.
  8. Review your progress again and repeat until you achieve your result.
  9. Capture what you learned from the process and continually strive to improve.


Speed of implementation is a habit we can develop. To develop that habit will require practice. As we practice it more often, it will become a powerful quality we’ll have.

The quality of our results and our lives depends on how fast we can learn, apply and improve. That is using speed of implementation correctly.

Action Step: Choose one idea or result you want to achieve. Apply the steps mentioned so you can use speed of implementation to reach that result faster.

Question: How else can you use speed of implementation to achieve powerful results?