If You Watch TV, Here Are 30 Ideas To Help You Be Productive At The Same Time

Watching television can be a benefit but it can also be a huge distraction.

With more and more new programs being introduced plus the number of channels available seemingly increasing all the time, if we’re not disciplined, we can end up wasting our most precious resource — our time!

I’ve heard television being referred to as many things including the income reduction box or the idiot box. There have been all sorts of research done on people’s television watching habits and preferences which have revealed that in most developed countries, an adult watches an average of three hours of television per day. That equates to over 20 hours per week and over 1,000 hours per year. That is a lot of time to spend in front of a box, doing nothing!

For most of us, television is a part of our lives so it will be extremely difficult to cut television out completely. If you’re one of the lucky few who can or have been able to remove television completely from your life, then congratulations! I certainly admire you for the decision you’ve made. But for the rest of us, getting rid of television may not be so easy therefore it will be useful to get other things done while we’re watching television.

things that can be done when watching television

Here are 30 ideas that can help you better utilise your time while you watch television so that you can actually get other things done instead of totally wasting your time.

  1. Do some yoga or stretches.
  2. Lift some weights.
  3. Do some push-ups.
  4. Search for a recipe online.
  5. Create a meal plan.
  6. Search for daily or weekly specials online.
  7. Pay bills online.
  8. Cook a meal.
  9. Check your emails.
  10. Clear your inbox.
  11. Put a load of washing in the washing machine.
  12. Fold and hang clothes.
  13. Iron clothes.
  14. Sort and organise your invoices or receipts.
  15. Upgrade software or programs on your computer.
  16. Backup your computer.
  17. Download articles, videos or resources from the internet.
  18. Catch-up on your social media.
  19. Update your social media profiles.
  20. Organise or moves files on your computer into folders.
  21. Create a to-do list for the next day.
  22. Address letters or packages that you need to send out.
  23. Sort out your desk.
  24. Make plans for the weekend.
  25. Read articles or blogs online.
  26. Place photos into an album.
  27. Create a shopping list.
  28. Add things to your bucket list.
  29. Clean or organise your kitchen.
  30. Decide what television programs you will watch over the next few days.

If you do one each time you watch television, it will assist you in being able to complete things you need to plus you won’t need to work longer hours. It’s a matter of recognising where you are currently spending time and determining if there are tasks that can be done while you are doing something that may not be as valuable.

Question: What is one idea you think you can apply straight away while you watch television?

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