The One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Accelerate Your Success

Many years ago, I learned a concept that I have used to help me clarify what’s important to me and also prevent me from over-analysing any situation or opportunity.

If you can embrace this concept and apply it to what you do, it can make a radical difference to your results and accelerate your success.

how to accelerate success

Do You Struggle With Making Decisions?

Here is one concept that can help you overcome any feelings of ambivalence, which is defined as the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. The concept is called advance decision making.

Yes, that’s right, it’s advance decision making. This is where you make a decision now, before a situation comes up. When the situation does come up, you have already made the decision and you don’t have to think about it.

Let me share a personal example. Many years when I left my previous career in manufacturing management and started writing my first book, I made the decision that I would not drink alcohol any more. Now, I wasn’t a big alcohol drinker previously so it wasn’t really a hard decision to make. But I did make the decision that I was done with drinking alcohol.

Since then, I have been in many social or formal situations where I have been offered alcohol and it has been really easy for me to say, “I’ll have a glass of water or orange juice.”

Since I had already made the decision, I don’t have to wonder if today is the day when I’ll have a drink of alcohol. There have been times when I have said to myself that one drink is not going to kill me, however I keep coming back to the commitment I made to myself… I choose not to drink alcohol anymore.

What Are the Advantages of Advance Decision Making?

Here are three advantages:

  1. You will get better at making decisions as you will make decisions before a particular situation comes up.
  2. You will experience less stress or tension because in the moment, you will know what to do as you have already made a decision.
  3. You will become more efficient at what you do as you won’t be wasting time contemplating whether to do something or not.

This concept of advance decision making or ADM can totally change how you make decisions and greatly accelerate your success. I encourage you to apply this concept and experience the difference it will make to your life.

Question: To get started, what is one decision you can make right now that you know will benefit you? An example could be giving up eating a particular food or drink.