Enjoy the Festive Season

Wishing You a Safe and Wonderful Time!

It’s that time of the year again where we get to take a break, relax and enjoy our time with those that matter most.

I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a joyful festive season.

holiday season 2019

Christmas 2019

Have fun and also remember to be safe and kind to others.

Question: What things have you planned for the holiday season?

How to Take Advantage of the End of Year

Things You Can Do to Set Yourself Up For the New Year

If you can take advantage of the end of year, you will give yourself a better chance of starting the new year well.

The end of year is usually a time when most people slow down. You can get a head start and set yourself up for a better year if you are intentional about how you use the end of year.

Things You Can Gain if You Take Advantage of the End of Year

The benefits of taking advantage of the end of year include:

  • End the year on a good note.
  • Prepare yourself well for the new year.
  • Identify things you want to do differently next year.
  • Feel excited and have something to look forward to.
  • Acknowledge and accept things that happened during the year.

How Not to End Your Year

Here are ways not to end your year because you will not set yourself up for better success in the new year.

  • Not having an improvement plan.
  • Feeling rushed or pressured to meet deadlines that could have been addressed earlier.
  • Hoping to have a better year instead of being intentional about it.
  • Not identifying what to do differently to achieve new results.

Your ability to take advantage of the end of year will improve your chances of better accomplishments in the new year.

take advantage of the end of year

5 Easy Things That Will Advance Your Mental Strength

Ways You Can Continue to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Your ability to advance your mental strength will affect all areas of your life, which includes your mental, emotional and physical health.

With more importance and focus given to mental health now, having ways to improve it is an advantage.

What Does it Mean to Advance Your Mental Strength?

To advance your mental strength means to develop yourself so you are always improving how you deal with your everyday experiences.

If you make your mental development a priority, you will learn ways to improve it and become a better person.

Why is it Necessary to Advance Your Mental Strength?

The main reasons to advance your mental strength include:

  • Cope with stress better.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Have greater clarity on your priorities.
  • Know when to say “yes” or “no” to demands placed on you.
  • Feel good about who you are and what you are doing in life.

Why is it Challenging to Advance Your Mental Strength?

The reality is most people don’t focus on their mental strength. Common reasons why they find it challenging include:

  • Don’t know how to do it or what to focus on.
  • Have not learned about the importance of mental health.
  • Don’t want to do it because it is uncomfortable.
  • Believe it will be difficult to do.
  • Don’t have the right support systems.

Developing yourself does not require a lot of time, but it will require sustained focus.

advance your mental strength

10 Questions You Should Ask if You Want a New Career

Things to Consider Before Making a Major Change to Your Work Life

There are important questions you should ask if you want a new career and make a successful transition.

Chances are, if you don’t enjoy what you do or have been in the same career for many years, you may change to something new.

Knowing what to consider before changing careers can help:

  • Avoid doing things without a plan.
  • Ensure you consider potential risks.
  • Clarify whether you are making the right decision.
  • Prepare you to deal with mental and emotional challenges.
  • Assure you enjoy the process of change.

Giving yourself time to do a thorough evaluation will help you successfully transition to a new career.

questions you should ask if you want a new career

Why Living for the Weekend is Not a Good Sign

5 Reasons to Reflect on What You Are Doing With Your Life

It’s not uncommon to find many employees or business operators living for the weekend because they don’t love what they do.

Most workers endure rather than enjoy what they do. That’s not surprising because studies have revealed almost 80% of the workforce either hate or dislike what they do for a living.

Living for the weekend is often a sign you are disconnected from what you love and what you want to do in life. If you’re in such a situation, it’s likely you’ll dread Mondays, which is the start of the week for most working people.

The Costs of Living for the Weekend

Not enjoying what you do will affect you and those you interact with daily. The costs of living for the weekend include:

  • Low motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Poor performance because of low work engagement.
  • Lack of initiative or willingness to take risks or explore new ideas.
  • Poor attitude because of a lack on interest in what you are doing.
  • Setting a poor example by settling for something you are not passionate about.

The emotions you experience while working should be a good sign if you are living for the weekend. Pay attention to your inner voice and follow what you are guided to do.

living for the weekend

How to Tell if You Are About to Make a Wrong Decision

5 Things to Consider Now to Avoid Regret Later

Whenever we make a wrong decision, it can affect us in many ways and lead to unexpected problems.

Having the ability to make right decisions is an important skill to develop to avoid experiencing regret later.

Each day, we make many decisions, some which are simple or non-critical, such as what we wear, what to eat or how to use our time.

We also make difficult decisions, that if incorrect, can have significant repercussions. These can include how we perform, the way we communicate with others, our attitude and behaviour, and our ability to complete things on time.

If we avoid making bad decisions, it will make our lives a lot easier, without more stress.

Factors That Can Contribute to Wrong Decisions

To know if we are about to make a wrong decision, we first have to understand what influences our decisions. Contributing factors include:

  • Lack of knowledge or awareness.
  • Preconceived ideas, beliefs or mental biases.
  • Overconfidence which can play out as, “I know best.”
  • Not having defined criteria for making decisions.
  • Feeling rushed or pressured to decide something.

Even though we will make mistakes in life, having things to refer back to, can prevent us from experiencing regret later.

make a wrong decision

5 Things to Focus on Every Day For Better Productivity

Use These as Daily Reminders to Use Your Time Wisely

To achieve better productivity, there are simple things you can do every day, that will not require a lot of effort or time.

With the number of distractions you have to deal with daily, knowing how to stay productive is a major advantage.

The Costs of Not Focusing on Better Productivity

Your ability to stay focused has a big impact on what and how much you accomplish. If you don’t focus on better productivity, costs include:

  • Not meeting deadlines, which means things will be delayed.
  • Generating additional stress because you will constantly be catching up.
  • Not feeling good about yourself, especially if you let others down.
  • Lower levels of confidence.
  • Not setting new goals because of your inability to deal with what’s already on your plate.
  • Poor quality work.

Having daily reminders can help you start your day well and focus on what will benefit you most.

better productivity

How to Know if You Have Found Your Core Genius

5 Signs That Show You Are Doing What You Do Best

There are things you do easily and effortlessly that you may not consider a big deal—that is your core genius.

Everyone has unique abilities and do things so well that they appear to have a natural talent. You are no different. You have a core genius within you.

What Does Core Genius Mean?

Most times, a person’s core genius is aligned to things that bring them joy and to their life purpose. It’s what they are passionate about and want to do more of.

For achievers, their core genius is tied to things that will make the biggest impact and add the greatest value. These are the high-leverage activities they need to focus on.

All activities that are of low value and need to be outsourced or delegated to others.

Your core genius is:

  • What makes you special.
  • How you differentiate yourself from others.
  • What you are good at doing and is what you love.
  • How you provide the best value to those you serve.

The unfortunate reality is most people are not doing what they love or doing things aligned to their core genius. When you find your core genius, you will make a bigger difference through what you do.

your core genius

Why Being Obsessive is Not a Bad Thing

5 Ways Having an Obsession for Something Worthwhile is a Positive Trait

It’s not uncommon to think of being obsessive from a negative perspective, especially if you’ve had unpleasant experiences.

Being obsessive is unhealthy if it causes you mental, emotional and physical problems, and if it also affects other people.

What Does Being Obsessive Mean?

A simple definition is it is someone who thinks and behaves in an obsessive manner. The dictionary defines obsession as “the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.”

Where this can become a problem is if someone is obsessed with another person and causes them discomfort or harm. It’s also a problem if obsession causes self-destructive behaviours, which can lead to other health-related issues.

The Downside of Being Obsessive

Disadvantages of being overly obsessive includes:

  • Overworking to the point of exhaustion or mental breakdown.
  • Not taking care of yourself.
  • Avoiding responsibility.
  • Neglecting the important people in your life.
  • Losing integrity with yourself and others if you don’t keep your word.

If you consider obsession from a positive perspective, you can learn to use it to your advantage. Being obsessed about something that is valuable and meaningful, can affect the level of success you achieve.

being obsessive

5 Self-Help Ideas That Will Not Improve Your Life

Why Using These Outdated Suggestions Won’t Get You Closer to What You Want

Self-help ideas are often perceived as valuable and useful if you want to improve your life. Most times, they are.

There are also certain outdated self-help ideas that will not improve your life. These are the ones you should not buy into, if you want to achieve what you want a lot easier.

The Risks of Not Knowing Which Self-Help Ideas Are Helpful

Knowing how to identify which self-help ideas are beneficial and which ones are not is valuable. Not all ideas are helpful.

The danger of not knowing which self-help ideas to act on and which ones to let go of, include:

  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed.
  • Acting on ideas that will not lead to the results you want.
  • Taking you off track, which will delay the achievement of your goals.
  • Generating additional stress and frustration.
  • Affecting your confidence and motivation.

To avoid applying incorrect self-help ideas, it’s wise to know which ones will not improve your life.

self-help ideas