21 Simple Changes You Can Make To Your Environments For Better Results (Environment Series Part 3)

In Part 1 of the Environment Series, I shared ways in which a toxic environment can be harmful to our attitude.

In Part 2, I detailed how we can design our environments to achieve better results.

In this final part of the series, I will share some specific changes you can make so that your environments are designed exactly the way you want them.

The benefits of having well designed environments include:

  • We don’t have to rely on will power to do the things we should in order to get the results we want.
  • It becomes a lot easier to achieve our goals because our environments are supporting us instead of working against us.
  • Any improvements we make in one environment will also improve other environments.
  • We don’t have to depend solely on ourselves to get things done — our environments can now become our accountability partners in helping us achieve our goals.

how to design your perfect environment