How To Read The Body Language Of Other People

Things to Be Aware of That Will Improve Your Communication Skills

It’s widely accepted that communication is more than just the words we say or write. Communication also involves verbal and nonverbal cues.

From previous studies, there has been a popular belief, that in communication:

  • 55% is our body language.
  • 38% is the tone of our voice (our tonality).
  • 7% is the words we use.

Whether this breakdown is still relevant today is debatable, however the important thing to know is that our body language plays a major part in how we communicate to others.

Our nonverbal signals, our body language, tells a lot about who we are to others. If we exhibit good nonverbal communication skills, it can inform others that we are confident and trustworthy.

Similarly, if we display poor nonverbal communication skills, we can come across as being insecure, disinterested or even untrustworthy.

The better we understand different aspects of how we communicate with our bodies, the better we’ll be able to relate to others and influence them so that it’s beneficial to everyone involved.

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