10 Compliments That Will Increase Trust With Other People

It’s always nice when someone gives us an unexpected compliment. Hearing others say nice things about us can increase our self-esteem and also give our confidence a tremendous boost.

There is an old saying that if you observe something nice about someone, do not keep it a secret. In other words, it will be more valuable to pass on a compliment to another person rather than keeping it to ourselves.

If we enjoy receiving compliments, then others must also enjoy receiving them. Think back to the last time you received an unexpected compliment — did you like the person who gave you the compliment even more?

Chances are if others give us praise or compliments consistently, we’ll have a greater level of respect and trust for them.

I remember I once received a compliment from a direct report when I was managing a manufacturing operations site for helping him get familiar with the business when he first started his role.

That compliment made me recognise that sometimes the smallest gestures, which we may not think much of, can make a huge difference to someone else. It also resulted in us having a very good working relationship as we built up a high level of trust and respect over time.

How to appreciate others