5 Risky Repercussions Of Working Too Hard

Being a business owner or entrepreneur, we all know too well the things we need to do to run our businesses.

It is quite ironic that so many people get into business because they want the flexibility of working when they want to, however the reality is business owners tend to work more days and longer hours than when they worked for someone else.

Even after owning and running a business for over a decade now, this is still an area I struggle with. The desire to get things done for my business often overrules the things I know I should do instead. I recently had a painful reminder of this.

In my high school and university days, I used to play a lot of basketball and anyone who has played basketball for long periods of time know the effect that has on the knees. I always thought I would have problems with my knees later on in life however I never actually had my knees examined.

consequences for working too hard