9 Powerful Ideas That Will Help Grow Your Greatness Every Day

We are all born with greatness. There are things we do naturally and effortlessly which is evidence we have something special to contribute to the world.

Unfortunately, so many people have suppressed their greatness. The experiences we’ve had growing up has a major factor in how or whether we express our greatness or not.

What we typically do is hide our greatness by putting a cloak around it, mainly as a way to protect ourselves, then we try to shine that cloak with behaviours and actions not aligned with our greatness.

Our beliefs of how we should be in the world way plays out, like needing to impress others, or even hiding certain aspects of ourselves.

This causes us to feel disconnected from our true self and it shows up in everything we do. When we are not being authentic to who we really are, we will always have this feeling that something is missing in our life.

how to grow your greatness