10 Ways Your Habits Are Destroying Your Happiness Now

Things You May Be Doing That’s Affecting Your Happiness in Life

One of our greatest quests in life is to find what makes us happy and live our life from that place of happiness.

While we may have different ideas on what makes us happy, there may be things we are doing, without realising it, that may be preventing us from experiencing greater levels of happiness.

Being happy is a choice. If we have habits that cultivate happiness, we’ll experience it more. On the other hand, if we have unhealthy or destructive habits, we’ll find it difficult to experience happiness on an ongoing basis.

Many years ago, I had a succesful corporate career, which allowed me to have all the material successes I wanted, however I never felt a sense of true happiness and fulfilment.

Interestingly, when I reflect back on the things I was doing during that period of my life, I had many unsupportive habits that were affecting my emotional state, which in turn, affected my level of happiness.

Habits that affect our happiness in life