5 Ways Discomfort Can Explode Your Personal Growth

It is quite a paradox that the things we strive for in life are the things that can stifle our growth.

The endless pursuit for success is driven by our need for comfort, security and certainty.

More success is equated to more comfort, which is very true in one aspect. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with wanting more comfort in life because when we’re comfortable, with our basic needs met, we’re more likely to be creative.

Creativity can lead to new and better results, which in turn, can provide more comfort and certainty. The concern is once we get too comfortable, it can cause us to not challenge ourselves. When we’re uncomfortable, that’s when we’re really tested.

It’s important to know how and why discomfort has an effect on us because we tend to grow in many aspects when we’re outside our comfort zone. If we’re not growing as a person, part of us will feel stagnant, lacking direction or purpose, and it can also affect our level of thinking and our emotions. These all have an effect on the types of results we achieve.

how to get comfortable being uncomfortable