How To Prevent Yourself From Burning Out

5 Things You Can Do to Ensure You’re at Your Best Consistently

Experiencing burnout has become more common today because of the busy, overworked and stressful lives we live.

While we often relate burnout to being overworked, it’s more than just being tired.

What is Burnout?

It’s defined as fatigue, frustration, or apathy resulting from prolonged stress, overwork, or intense activity. It’s also described as total exhaustion and not being able to go on.

Burnout occurs because of:

  • Lack of rest and recovery.
  • Lack of variety in our daily activities.
  • Lack of reward for accomplishing things.
  • Lack of motivation to keep doing what we have been.
  • Lack of attention to our mental, emotional and physical health.

Other things that also lead to burnout include:

Knowing what causes burnout is a good start but there are also specific things we can do to ensure we prevent it from happening in the first place.

Ways to prevent yourself from burning out