5 Easy Ways To Avoid Feeling Powerless

How to be Strong, Confident and True to Yourself

It’s not uncommon for us to feel powerless at times, as we go through life. We have many things that affect our ability to be powerful, so it’s important we find ways to avoid feeling powerless.

One thing that should be clarified is being powerful does not mean we are dominant over others or try to get our own way all the time. It also doesn’t mean we hide aspects of ourselves we don’t like so that we come across as more powerful that we really are to others.

Avoiding feeling powerless means we are willing to show our true self to others without the fear of ridicule or rejection. Feeling powerful very rarely comes from material possessions or success.

In fact, how powerful we feel does not come from anything external or “outside” of ourselves. It totally comes from “within.” If we don’t feel powerful on the inside, then it’ll be very difficult to display it externally.

The less we feel powerless, the less we’ll struggle with self-confidence or self-esteem issues.

Ways to be strong, confident and powerful