5 Ways To Be A Trusted Mentor To People Who Are Older Than You

The workforce today has four generations of workers so we all must be able to interact with people younger and older than us.

As more and more younger people enter the workforce and with changes in technology happening at such a rapid rate, the chances are high that they will be leading or managing people older than them at some point in their working lives.

With the generational difference, it can be challenging for someone to be managed or mentored by someone younger than them. Likewise, it can also be challenging for a person to mentor someone older than them.

The challenge a younger person faces if they want to be a trusted mentor to someone older than them, is that it takes time to build trust. If they don’t do things right initially, it can lead to:

  • An unhealthy or unworkable relationship.
  • High levels of stress for all involved.
  • Delay or failure to achieve objectives in a timely manner.
  • Low morale if it involves working within a team.
  • Declining levels of motivation to take action.

It is really important to have a strong foundation of trust in order for a mentoring relationship to work well between two people from different generations.