How To Use The First 30 Minutes Every Day To Become More Effective

5 Things You Can Do Daily to Be Consistently Productive

Imagine this scenario… you get up in the morning knowing you have so much to get done that day.

The first thing you do is turn on your computer and check your messages and emails. You start responding to messages and emails. Then you check your phone for new notifications and start responding to them. Before you know it, 90 minutes have gone by!

Now, you are feeling really annoyed with yourself and flustered because you’ve lost a good part of your morning and you still haven’t started on the work you were supposed to do. For the next few hours, you’re in reactive mode, trying to make up time you lost in the morning, hoping you can still get everything done that day.

Does that sound familiar? Does that happen to you more often than you’d like to admit?

I think we’ve all been there. We may have had the intention to be productive and get a lot of things done but for whatever reasons, our day just got away from us.

To avoid such situations, we have to be intentional with how we start each day and condition ourselves to be at our best consistently.

Things to do to be more productive daily