5 Ways To Become A Trusted Mentor

Mentors have been valued highly throughout history. The relationship between a mentor and mentee is one that is built on trust, respect and appreciation.

Typically, a mentor is someone who knows something their mentee doesn’t, and they are willing to pass on what they know to their mentee. A mentor is usually very generous with their experience, knowledge and resources, and often has a high regard for the person they are mentoring.

The role of a mentor is to help their mentee grow and develop, both personally and professionally. A mentor is willing to challenge the mentee to take risks, dream lofty dreams and go beyond what they thought was possible for them.

Unless there is a high level of trust in the relationship, the chances are the relationship won’t be as powerful as it could be. For anyone wanting to be become a mentor, the question is, “How do you become a trusted mentor?”

ways to be a mentor