10 Useful Tips That Will Help You Become A More Genuine Person Now

Do you ever find yourself more drawn to people who are authentic and real? There is something about them that is appealing — it is their genuineness.

I know I personally tend to connect better with people who are willing to share their mistakes and failures, and what they learned from them, rather than those who talk about their successes only.

Listening to other people’s story of struggle can be both inspiring and motivating, and it often helps me stay committed to the things I want to accomplish.

There is often resistance or confusion around how genuine we should be. There may be a fear that if we reveal too much about ourselves, then:

  • It may cause us shame or embarrassment.
  • It can result in people judging us.
  • It can turn people away from us.
  • It may affect our chances of achieving what we want.

ways to become a highly genuine person