5 Habits That Will Make You A More Happy Person This Year

How Small Incremental Improvements Can Increase Your Happiness Over Time

For all of us, our innermost desire is to be happy in life and we spend our whole lives pursuing happiness in different ways.

As we’re all different, some of the ways we chase happiness include:

  • Achieving financial success.
  • Improving our personal status.
  • Devoting ourselves to our families.
  • Being of service to others.
  • Sharing our gifts, talents and expertise with the world.

While it’s easy to buy into the idea that happiness can only be attained if certain conditions or criteria are met, the truth is happiness is something we create. In other words, we’re totally responsible for our level of happiness in life.

We don’t need external things or conditions to be satisfied, in order to feel happy. To experience greater levels of happiness, we can develop habits that automatically cause us to be happier.

Habits that lead to more happiness