How To Easily Clear Your Mind When You Are Feeling Stuck

We often create a lot of internal turmoil whenever we feel we are stuck.

If we feel we are not making progress, either with a project, goal or life in general, it can cause frustration and generate high levels of stress.

Being in a state of stress is not a pleasant experience because it can severely affect our attitude and our motivation levels.

There is one good thing when we experience such turmoil — it is usually a mental problem which means we have the power to change our thoughts so we can create a different experience.

One of the goals I had this year was to reduce my body weight by 15% by the end of the year, which was a challenging goal. I started off well and in the first three months, my weight reduced by 4.8%, which I was happy about.

During the next six months, however, my weight reduced by 5%, even though I was doing similar things I had done in the previous three months.

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