How To Connect To What Makes You Great

5 Things You Can Do to Discover Your Uniqueness

There is something great about each one of us. The fact that we were born suggests there is something special and unique we have to offer.

It’s quite incredible that even though there are over seven billion people in the world, everyone is different. Even so-called identical twins are different even though there may have a lot of physical similarities.

The reality is most people are disconnected from what makes them great. Our early life programming, experiences and environments has a major influence on what we believe to be true about ourselves, which in turn, affects the choices we make in life.

When we’re disconnected from what makes us great, we:

  • Go through life not being true to ourselves.
  • Settle for a life we have rather than design a life we want.
  • Don’t feel our best consistently.
  • Tend to do things we’re expected to do rather than what we’re passionate about.
  • Don’t make any significant difference in other people’s lives or the world.

I once heard a mentor say that a graveyard is the most valuable place on earth. This is because within the graves lie dreams that were not followed, ideas that were not implemented or decisions that were not made. People tend to die with their music still within them.

If we don’t want to live a life of regret, we have to connect to what makes us special and unique — our greatness.

What makes a person great