How To Not Panic When You Have Made A Major Mistake

Things You Can Do to Move on When You’ve Screwed up

The great thing about life is our biggest lessons are often learned after we’ve made big mistakes. And we’ve all made our fair share of mistakes.

While we don’t intentionally try to make mistakes, when we do, it can be painful, uncomfortable and sometimes, even agonising, especially if we keep thinking about what we did or didn’t do.

If we’re not careful, reliving our major mistakes over and over again can lead to:

  • Sadness or depression.
  • Loss of self-confidence.
  • High levels of anxiety.
  • Low levels of performance and effectiveness.
  • Less willingness to try new things or take new risks.

The good news is we always have a choice. We can choose to do what we can to move on and ensure we do not repeat similar mistakes again in the future.

How to get over a huge mistake