How To Deal With Negative People In Your Life

5 Things You Can Do When Around People Who Whine, Blame and Complain

Have you ever wondered or wished you could better deal with people who constantly whine, blame or complain when you speak to them?

In our daily interactions, we encounter people who spend so much energy focusing on things that are not going well or on things that are beyond their control. The risk of being around negative people is that they can:

  • Affect our attitude.
  • Cause us to spend mental and emotional energy listening to their complaints.
  • Take our focus away from what we want to do.
  • Lower our motivation levels.
  • Affect the quality of our work.

Knowing what to do when we’re around people who tend to be negative is extremely valuable. It’s starts with us being aware of our own attitude, the language we are using and what we’re giving our attention to.

How to deal with negative people