How To Design Your Environments For Outstanding Results Now (Environment Series Part 2)

In my previous post, I outlined how and why our environments can severely affect our attitude.

Now it’s time to apply some specific strategies and actions to design our environments the way we want so that we can start creating the results we really want.

While our environments have a significant influence on our attitude, we still have the power to design them the way we want. Remember, our environments will either inspire us or demotivate us.

There are three things we can do to transform our environments. They are:

  1. Adding something. Examples may include adding new resources, tools or even a new belief.
  2. Deleting something. Examples may include deleting clutter, noise, a toxic person or even letting go of a limiting belief.
  3. Modifying something. Examples may include setting up clear boundaries with people we interact with, changing something in our work area, changing what we eat or how we dress.

how to set up our environments