How To Develop More Confidence After A Costly Failure

The ability to process disappointments and events we deem to be failures is extremely valuable because most of us will have more failures than successes in life.

The better our ability to deal with failures, the easier it will be for us to maintain our confidence and keep moving forward towards the things we want in life. It is our responsibility to ensure that no matter what we experience in life, we still continue to develop our confidence so that we can continuously challenge ourselves to do things we have not done previously.

When I first started public speaking, some of my early experiences were giving talks at different Rotary clubs. During my second or third Rotary presentation, I could sense that the audience was not resonating with what I was saying. I even saw a couple of people snickering, whispering and laughing, which I thought was because of what I was saying to them.

At the end of the talk, I received a polite round of applause but I knew I had not done a good job. That did affect my confidence and I started to question whether I could be a good public speaker or not. If I evaluated that experience alone, I could easily have rated it as a failure.

How to grow your confidence