7 Things That Will Make You Develop More Patience

There is a saying, “Patience is a virtue,” which refers to the ability or willingness to wait for something without reacting negatively.

That quality is admirable and extremely valuable to have.

The challenge we face is that in today’s “instant gratification” society, our patience is being tested all the time. From the time we get up, we can find ourselves running late, being caught in rush hour traffic, or experience delays in our work due to no fault of ours, all of which tests our patience.

The signs of impatience are unmistakeable. They include:

  • Irritation or anger.
  • Feeling rushed or under pressure.
  • Shallow breathing which may include short breaths.
  • Restlessness or being fidgety.
  • Hands clenching or tightening due to muscle tension.
  • Nervousness or feeling anxious.

The more we’re able to develop our ability to be patient, the more relaxed we’ll be, which in turn, will help us deal with events a lot better.

Ways to become a more patient person