How To Develop Self-Discipline And Gain More Confidence

5 Steps You Can Take to Achieve More Success

The idea of having self-discipline can bring up different responses. There is often a love-hate relationship with self-discipline.

Some people love being disciplined because it gives them something to focus on, while knowing there is a benefit associated with it.

As an example, consider someone training to participate in the Olympic Games. For years leading up to the Games, they have to put in hours and hours of training, be on a controlled diet and/or supplement program, and be committed to show up as best as they can every time they train or compete.

While the grind may be difficult, for most of them, the reward, which is their desire to participate and win a medal, keeps them going.

On the other hand, self-discipline can bring up a lot of resistance and discomfort for people. Most people aren’t willing to commit to being disciplined long-term, so they don’t achieve the things they really want.

Just think of those who set New Year’s resolutions. The majority of them will abandon their resolutions within a couple of months of setting them because chances are they don’t have a high level of self-discipline.

In this video, actor Will Smith, suggests that self-discipline is the centre of all material success. The better we can master self-discipline, the more self-confidence we will have and the more success we can achieve.

how to develop self-discipline to achieve goals