This Simple Formula Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals With These Five Easy Steps

One thing we all have in common is the desire to continually grow and evolve. Making progress is a sign we’re headed somewhere in life.

Since an early age in life, we’ve been able to use our imagination to dream of the things we want to do, experience or have. Whether we’ve been able to achieve or live our dreams or not is an indicator if we’ve lived a good life or not.

There are important differences between those who dream up a dream and achieve it versus those who don’t achieve their dreams. It’s been said that a dream cannot come true if we don’t have a dream to begin with.

What often makes a dream more concrete is to convert it into a goal. While dreams are often intangible and unquantifiable, goals on the other hand, are more tangible and measurable. A simple distinction is a goal is a dream with a deadline.

Having dreams means we:

  • Have something to aim for.
  • Are challenging ourselves to grow.
  • Have a desire for something better.
  • Are keeping ourselves motivated.
  • Are not settling for what we already have.

Knowing how to stay focused on our dreams and be able to get back on track if we start heading in the wrong direction is beneficial if we want to get closer to and eventually achieve our dreams.

Steps to achieve your dreams