How To Get Out Of The Habit Of Pleasing Others

5 Reminders That Will Ensure You Give As Much Attention To Your Needs As Well

Are you a people pleaser? Or are you a recovering people pleaser?

One of the most important realisations we can come to is that we are not responsible for pleasing others. As we’re all different, it is okay to accept that no matter what we do or hard we try, we will not please everyone.

When referring to the habit of pleasing others, I do not mean not being supportive or not being there for someone who wants our help. This is about being aware of our needs and ensuring that we give as much attention to what’s important to us as well as fulfilling any obligations we have.

Being in the habit of pleasing others can become unhealthy in situations like:

  • Saying “yes” to someone even though we really don’t want to, just so we can keep them happy.
  • Not being willing to renegotiate a commitment we’ve made that is no longer serving us.
  • Constantly attending to the needs of others at the expense of our health and well-being.
  • Having said “no” initially to a request only to be made to feel guilty about it and we end up saying “yes” reluctantly.

How to get out of the habit of pleasing others.